New MAME you should probably use

I ordered the guy that last updated MAME with kaillera to make me a new version, since I was considering playing again this summer. He responded that “some japanese guy” already did so, and then gave me a link. Here’s the link:

I’m assuming that this is less laggy than what people are currently using, whatever it is. We should all use it now. I demanded the control inputs from "back when it was actually playable, .61 or so or before) so he must think it’s decent. I told him to translate it into english, but he said it’s no big deal, or that it’s already in engrish or something. Whatever.

Someone test this out and let me know if it’s any good. I’m on a game ban for another week, and then I need roms from somewhere.

Could you make a more coherrent post so I do know what you’re talking about? I doubt that thing is a new mame, since the install file is 43mb’s :S

no, I saw some Japanese guys trying to use it today in godweapon for whatever reason…

but for some reason I can’t get any games to run on it…