New marvel movie rumored with feat low tier heroes(RR) & Thanos


i’m pretty hyped for this little rumor i just stumbled upon and it reminded me of shoryuken… I havent played alot of marvel but seeing Rocket Racoon on big screen is giving me some false hype…

will this bring any thanos dlc to marvel by any chance?
lol i know its hopeful thinking but marvel is good at marketting, because i wouldn’t have known what the F*%# a RR was before Mvc3

Do you think this movie will sell with such unknown characters?




Did it really need a 12 minute bump?

Kusoru needs a cameo.


This thread should be closed based on the fact that you bumped this thread within 12 minutes of its creation…


lol strong math


So you went bitchmade and deleted you bump…first class.


Rocket Raccoon is not that interesting you stupid fursuiter. Also this is little more than a rumor and doesn’t even warrant a thread. Plus minus a BAJILLION points for caring more about an animal than GAMORA the most dangerous woman in the universe.

Edit: Take this shit back to scrub central/aka/Mvc3 forums where you will probably get 1000 likes for embedding mspaint pictures of Rocket Raccoons fuzzy genitals.


oooooooooooooooooooooooo we got a tough guy ITT

p.s im Glad to Rustle your Jimmies


screw you I’ve been reading Guardians and I would much rather have Groot as DLC than Gamora…


No SCREW YOU, why no THANOS, a previous BOSS character that is WAY more well known than the likes of both Nova and Rocket Raccoon. Fucking Marvel probably pressured Capcom into putting them in there. And by pressure, I mean slap them in their pasty faces with a wad of money.

You, Russle, and Jimmy can all go spam shit threads and images in another place that isn’t GD.


I think that chick in Yadi’s av should be bumped…Repeatedly.



bump lol

inb4 shitstorm


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This thread is gonna turn into a bitchfest about what characters should be DLC for UMVC3.

(Seriously when the fuck can I have Juggernaut and Ms. Marvel)


You know what? This thread is already way off topic. Hopefully someone else will make a thread about this movie WHEN IT GETS CONFIRMED.