NEW MARVEL REMIX who wants one?


its codylicio over der…

Just want to let everyone who cares know that I’m gonna be making new marvel remix. I think it’s gonna have mostly Kill Bill / Matrix songs. If anyone want me to make him a copy, tell me by posting or in person. I’m posting this because many ppl asked to make them one before. Well this is your chance to get one… I guess…

The deals are:

  • Don’t rush me down to make it. I’ll make it when I want to and when I fel like it. Plus… I’m busy… 5 classes, hella assignments, and Final Fantasy 11 has been owning me lately. Most likely it’d be sometime in December unless I get sick of playing Trace’s SF2 Remix… grosstron

  • Give me a blank cd. I can’t make you 1 without 1. Don’t expect me to make you 1 and supply a cd for you.

  • I’m not gonna make it for ugly ppl, ppl who are banned from my house… for example… if Drew Dub asked me to make him one, he’ll only get a bitch slap.

Who else play FF11??
Server: Leviathan
Name: Boentiful

Life is Boentiful


i want one


i want a Remix from over der, and woooooooooooow shut up boner. also give Sean a CD or ill slap you.


man that was a nasty ass post

Server: leviathan
name: Eclesis

but you already know that


hey Naser wanna buy me ff11?


I wouldn’t mind one cody, I’ll try to remember to bring a CD for ya next time I’m at your place…


** I’d like one Boentinel.**


me, i suck at the game so I want some cool music to listen to while scrubs like Chris and King beast on me in that game:(





How bout you fix my dreamcast. Shut up!!:mad:


6 so far: Sean, Naz nas nas nas nas, Up, Jeff, Ryan, Mandel.
I wont be making it soon so keep posting.

Row, mark: SHUT UP!!!


Yo, Cody! Make me one, too, plze.

Trying to teach this old dog new tricks. :slight_smile:



Stop beasting cody. Send me one. I’ll make more cody jokes for it.


i’ll take one to please…


me too!!! i want one.

i want ffxi too… fuck 56-gay…


I want one. :smiley: I believe Trinh dropped off one good CD for me and a bunch of crappy ones you can use for whatever. Or just trash, whatever.


song request…you won’t be dissapointed

** kill bill songs and matrix songs are bomb, you should put scooter-maria (i like it loud) great marvel song, hell i could hear it in a combo video truly the next epic song for the clock stage trust me**


a freeloader’s dream! you should make two for yourself so I can steal one next time I come over. I still have your old one…nasty.