New Marvel vs Capcom 2 Combo Video performed by Team Best Vol. 1 Team MSP

New Marvel vs Capcom 2 Combo Video performed by Team Beast Vol. 1 Team MSP

Vol.1 of team beast productions is up today!! Team MSP is volume 1.

We will be taking requests for teams for vol. 2. it is probably going to be team santhrax, storm sent capcom, unless we get alot of requests for another team.

Here is the trailer if you missed it.

Here is the vid!

preppy site

Thanks alot to ComboMasher for hosting and sending me the link for people to download.

Hope you Enjoy!!!

have to dl a plugin just to watch? no thanks


stop hacking my megahertz

yeah no plugins please

I dint think you have to download a plug-in to watch it, you might have to download the anti-leech plug-in to watch it. Its the anti-leech plug-in, just a small little install.

Someone download it and up it to a free host like putfile…

I don’t care what kind of plug in it is, it’s probably got spyware. Can you send out a torrent? Maybe ask Zach to host it on his site?

ding ding we have a winner

wtf Anti Leech plugin? I don’t like using that; it has spyware. They even tell you that and that’s why they let you have it for free.

That Was The Best Fucking Teaser I’ve Ever Seen. After Watching It, I Realized It’s Def. Worth D/l The Anti Leech Plugin!

Downloading now. That may be the most irritating way to download a file I’ve ever seen.

Eh. Even from someone who doesn’t play MvC2, I still have to say that the Magneto & Storm combos were pretty much standard.

The Psylocke combos were kinda cool though.

That sucked.

And you made me download a stupid plug-in just to see it.

Fuck you.

hahaa okame



I have no comment about the video, i just have some bandwidth from my free host and I was trying to help out. I didnt realize everyone would have a problem about downloading through anti-leech. well here is the direct link to the vid

That video was very very bad.


hot link is not allow :sad:

2:14 in the video, that shit didnt even combo. Seriously, this vid is horrid.