New match vids on EvilSlash

Yet more new match vids on EvilSlash…

15 new matches of more craziness. Beginning at #19. Old matches still up.

Enjoy, that’s all I’ve got. :^)
Mike Z

Cool Vids Mike…:slight_smile:

damn how do u pull off those trick. U make it look like mag2k don’t even have a chance.

Mike Z. is still my favourite player of all time.

good shit
ur juggie is fukin insane, thx for the vids

Good stuff :cool:

Nice - the vids were crazy (many nice 100% combos…), and 'twas much fun to see CrazyGlitchTeam beating down Magnus. :slight_smile:

U stopped playing at UCLA arcade? I need somebody else to piss off angry white guy with me :lol:

… good shit with the match vids.

Good stuff Mike.

The best thing about juggernaut is that you can stick out a laggy as hell move (standing feirce) and if anybody even thinks about not letting you put it away, you just cancel into headcrush. It’s awesome to see him just stand there with a move out and have everybody wait.
Oh and thanks alot for the vids, I’ve actually gotten a couple people into the game with them, ( top tier haters)

these matches are horrible

why is there no music in these matches?

:confused: Damn.

I didn’t watch any MvC2 vids, but the Mokoto footage was top-notch.

Yeah, it says that those matches aren’t on the server, but that Makoto strat. was hot. Especially the stuff with SA3. =)

  • There’s no music because that was the only copy of MvC2 I had at the time. I figure everybody has some music they like, so you can open Winamp at the same time. :^) There are about 20 more, depending on interest, so if everyone HATES the no-music idea, I can fix it for those.
  • About the matches not being on the server, right-click-save-as. Streaming shouldn’t work due to the hosts being clueless. Still a problem?

1 dissatisfied customer for 10 GB of matches downloaded feels pretty good to me, except for the bandwidth. ;^)

Mike Z

I could care less about the music.


That Mag got some balls to be rushin’ down Juggs with bar with no Psy to back him up sometimes…=p I also XCOPYed your Jugga throw->Headcrush and Tron/Jugga corner combos, gotta punish the local schoolkids for thinking that up/backXXrandom helperXXAHVB is a good tactic. =D

One thing to notice is that they put it on infinite time.

The reason I guess is cause Mike’s team really has no way of catching up to Runaway Storm. :frowning:

Nice vids, Mike.:cool:

btw, no jugg/mag/hulk vids?? :frowning:

Hey Mike, weren’t you supposed to go to RIT last year or the year before?