New match vids posted

some new match videos for you to watch…

please help seed after download : )

I’m downloadin’ now, I’ll help seed when finishes… in 4 hours…

Again, i like what i see.

Good stuff you two! :tup:

Just got done watching it. Crazy stuff. Loved the parries on the Aegis setups. Usually mirror matches are kinda boring but this was really fun to watch.

nice stuff, you both have great execution (I wish mine was like yours, I can do almost all that stuff but not consistently enough :sad:) and you’re pretty complete players. Entertaining and technical matches. All that parrying on the unblockables was very cool (but then, why the attacking Urien did never try to throw the opponent’s parry attempts?)

The only thing that’s bugging me, why all those random (and most of the times, blocked) Urien’s cHP’s (expecially against ken)?
I don’t mean cHP xx sphere xx aegis, I mean plain cHP of course.

keep it up, I’m looking for more footage from you :tup:

Well, we’re still sleepy whales at heart.

Meaning, we threw out cr. fierces cause otherwise, it’s not fun. :karate:

lol you’re right

now that I think about it, my casual matches are full of unsafe stuff. It’s fun, I agree

it’s just that usually I watch tournament vids, so I watched your footage with tournament mindset.

yep these WERE casual matches

we were just trying to be sick (as everyone should try to always be)…

meaning lots of shoryu shoryu hunting and cr. fierce hunting :stuck_out_tongue:

haha…cr.fierce hunting…

Damage Ken!

Since I know Team Whales personally, I’ll try to get people to host you guys’ matches in #gamecombos. Fservs are in short supply though, so I might be the only one serving it.

Anyone still seeding? I’m at 99.5% for the past week :sad:

shoryu shoryu hunting. lol

oh yeah, i already watched these. good stuff guys. :tup: