New Mayflash ""Fighting Stick" for PS3 and Wii also PS2 and Wii

Found these new Mayflash joysticks for PS3, Wii, PC & PS2 whilst browsing Amazon. Design and button layout look identical to the Hori FS3/Hori Wii Fighting Stick/XBX Hori EX2 but 8button & is appropriately priced. Should make for a good starter stick, project stick or cheap used PCBs. These PCBs seem to be dedicated this time around and not universal like the original Mayflash. I did a advanced search and didn’t see this posted before, sorry if it’s a repost
:=3 D

PS3 The PS2 looks identical

Fighting Stick for PS3

Wii The PC looks identical

Fighting Stick for Wii

You can tell you’ve been on TT for too long when the first thing you think about a new stick is “Is it common ground?” followed by “what’s the inside look like?”

I also really like the new format, as I was getting really tired of cutting out the function button holes for artwork.

Seriously, someone is gonna have to get one of these and post pictures of the guts (I’m looking at you, MarkMan)!

Hopefully standard 30mm button holes & common ground PCBs =]
Specs say the net weight is 10.8kg which is 23.8lbs. That can’t be right… they must of meant 10.8lbs silly Nobel-Peace-Prize-Hat’n- Chi-knee.

I “discovered” these.
Back in July (or possibly earlier)


Yeah, it’s too bad they’re not making any universal PS3/PS2/PC sticks. That was imo the biggest selling point of Mayflash’s previous arcade sticks.

The trade off here is that these new sticks cost only $25 on Amazon, so as long as you have some knowledge and experience with modding or you’re willing to give modding a try, this would be certainly be much cheaper, though probably not easier, than buying and modding a Mad Catz SE/TvC stick.

Good find, my search criteria was set to back log for 3months only. Still the Mayflash " NEW" is still flashing on their website lol

I’m more concerned as to if it has enough height to support proper JLF mounting. =V

Nobody has dared to buy, mod, and tell the tale of this stick so far :confused:

Might buy it next week. Ill post photos of the interior if I do.

Keep us posted as I’m curious why these haven’t or don’t appear to have had much sales within the community. It would be an easy buy for me if its a common ground PCB or if it can fit a hori stick and 30mm nopbs.

Nice, might have to get it for the Wii if it’s somewhat easy to mod!

We’d love you for it if you did.

Probably because the quality of the stock joystick isn’t that good.

There’s far more support for the HRAP line and Mad Catz TE’s on the boards than anything else and generally for good reasons. They’re supported by companies that are generally(?) easier to reach and most Seimitsu/Sanwa parts will fit into those cases with little need for mods – unless you’re modding a licensed (character art) Hori joystick, one of the smaller FightSticks, or trying to do dual-mods or more within a TE case.

I’ve gotta admit I usually stay away from Third-Party controllers. I’d consider both Hori and Mad Catz at this point Second-Party suppliers with favored status.

A lot of these other Asian company joysticks are basically bootlegs and the reliability will vary depending on company.

Placed the order today. Should arrive in the mail by the 20th. That is, unless Christmas holds it up >>
Gonna have to stop by VideoGamesNY to buy the Sanwa JLF and buttons for this thing.
As someone who owns an original Mayflash, I pray, PRAY that these buttons are 30mm ^

You bought the PS3 version I’m guessing?

Well, good luck to you. Do post pics even if you get “Bad End” though!

As long as the item on Amazon’s site says in-stock then you’ll get it before X-mas b/c the cutoff time (for free shipping) to purchase & receive by X-mas is the 16th.

I’ll be waiting for your results, may pick one of these up for a(nother) small travel stick.
my biggest concern is that they seem to have gone with a smaller body for this one as opposed to the older Mayflash sticks… I don’t give a damn about 28mm holes, I can widen those with relative ease. but if its too shallow for a JLF, we’re kinda SOL.

The PS3 and PC versions are advertised as not compatible with the other. Just curious as to why, since the majority if not all PS3 sticks are PnP when used for the PC. The only time I’ve had to even install drivers were a ps1/2-usb adapter had to be used… na mean mayn?

PC to PS3 I don’t know the specifics on (is it just because it’s not classed as a HID?), but for PS3 to PC, I’m quite sure that’s a technicality only, and it works on PC with some workarounds.

It’s likely Mayflash is using the same sort of reverse engineered PS3 board that is read as a PS3 controller in Windows and you need to install special drivers to use it. Although the China reversed-engineered boards recently came under attack by Sony following the whole Jailbreak scare and Firmware Updates 3.5+ subsequently removing support of such devices…

Upon typing this, I’ve come to the realization that there is a chance these PS3 sticks won’t work on updated PS3s. Well the logic board anyway.

I do not know for sure of course, but it’s a possibility depending on which type of board these new MFs used, and more importantly, when these things were made.

…y’all are making me scared, making me think its not gonna work when it comes -__________________-
…and yeah, its the ps3 version I ordered.