New Meikyousisui Combo Video!

Presenting a new Meikyousisui ComboVideo. It features infinites for all characters! Go check it out at . And stay tuned for Vol.11!

downloading now, cant wait to see it, infinites for all characters! i never even knew every character had one :open_mouth:

Dowloading now!!! This is too good.

OMFG YES! Gracias cabron!



This has to be good.

Pretty good video. I wish they did more spectacular things than infinites, like with crazy super glitches and whatnot, though. But still a very fun video to watch.

Volume 6 is still my favourite.

And I’ll be the first to ask… what song(s) did they use for this video?

Hell yes downloading now.:clap:

Yup, you guessed it.

That vid was hot:smokin:

That was a fun video. :clap: :tup:

lol dam are u serious…i gotta have this///low tier infinitz…i gotta see them mad propz

I only know first song. It is ‘Moudamepo’

i can’t wait to see this shit, thank you.

Let me be the first to say that I don’t fucking care anymore.

Marvel is broken, we get it.

…what kind of game is this.

How the fuck does that Charlie one even WORK?

Hulk infinite is freakin dope !! :rofl:

I think we need a new word for broken.