New Melty Blood Thread: MBAACC 1.07 (PC) OTG into Okizeme Again


So the last thread was in limbo, but I’m sure the community isn’t (I deny that this is denial), hence this revival (with proper thread title).



How do buy this game?


Can you still only get this game by buying some random crap anime and even then it’s on blu ray?

  1. You can only legally get the game by purchasing the special edition animu Blu-Ray.
  2. The Melty Blood disc is a DVD-ROM though.

Apparently Ecole and Type-Moon figured that most of their profits would be from the arcades anyhow, so I doubt they’ll have an individual physical media/digital release anytime soon. Sigh.


My currently favorite game while waiting for GGR.


When I was in japan I bought this amazing anime but it came with this shitty game called melty blood, how do I play this stuff.

PS. fuck this developer for not releasing this game as a downloadable product.


This game is great, too bad they decided to make it almost impossible to buy.


This entire arrangement only does more to showcase why it’s a good thing UNIB doesn’t involve Type Moon at all.