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Sup guys, I’m new to the forums and the FG scene. I mostly play SF3:3S (online edition or fightcade) or Skullgirls. I’m unsure if I really want to play competitively but I definitely wanna connect to the FGC a lil more. But I’m first and foremost an artist before anything, I like drawing SF characters here and there but mostly the characters I main. As for my skill level in the games I play, I wouldn’t consider myself a noob at 3s or Skullgirls. Intermediate at best but I can breeze through casuals. I don’t have a ps4 to play 30th anniversary edition yet but I’ll note that I’m not a huge fan of SF4 or V or any 3D fighting game for that matter except for Soul Calibur. If you have fightcade you may have played me before. In 3s I main Elena, Chun-Li, and sometimes Ken and Sean.