New member and av request!


Hey guyz, I’m new to this forum. I have xbl and cvs2eo if anyone wanna play sometime. Still trying to get used to the xb controller, cuz I usually play it on ps2. heh :smiley: I been tryin to get a converter for sooo long. Anyway, I was just wonderin if anyone would be so kind to make me an avatar of King and Cody, or maybe just King. There are lots of pics at… Thnx. :wink:


I got this…give me a day or two.:cool:


You can get a converter for it.


or if u wanna go for it all



Thnx a bunch!! :smiley:


:mad: CONSOLE PLAYER :mad:


Chill dont flame on him.



It says ‘‘CYP3R’’ jus pointing out:)


Yeah, my friend’s been trying to get me to get and practice with the arcade stick cuz i suck with it, and I will soon. But for now, I’m gonna stick to console… :rolleyes:


Heh, it’s a nice one, but unfortunately, you spelled my name wrong. :lol: