New Member :D


Hiya people, um. I’ve been lurking for awhile… and I couldn’t find exact answers to my questions so I decided to join, anyway I’m currently playing SfxT, Pleased to meetcha all :smiley: (Hopefully this is the corretct place to post…)


If you have been lurking for a while…you’d know that this isn’t the correct place to post.


Haha ^-^ I guess you’re right…


How do you feel about sterilization as population control? Where do you draw the line between curvy chicks and fat chicks?


I know you asked him, but i’ll chime in

Simple. Cellulite and stretch marks=Fat. Everything else(as long as its porpotional) is ok in my book. I’d bang anything legal as long if the cooter doesn’t smell


These are important things to think about if you’re going to frequent GD.

Also, I like your hat.


Welcome! I’m a troll. Please don’t side with me in conversations. Such actions will result in embarrassment and alienation.


SFxT is a shitty game. My advice is to stop playing it.


You do not have a crappy Mega Man X boss as your username.

You may stay. For now…


It’s shit like this that’s going to bring this situation to a head, man.


Know how many fucks I give?



Just saying.


No I will not come to your Birthday party


Smh, used to be niggas got their insides tore up for posting an introduction thread.


Wow, the dickhead level is kind of medium. Grats SRK, there’s hope for your assholes yet.


This thread did not deliver…fuck you new SRK.