New member wants to know best starting character to practice using a joystick

First I want to say, Hi, I am new here.

I have purchased SSF4 and I am using the Tekken Hori joystick.

I haven’t been playing too long, my buddy kicks my ass one the ps console controller and he has a burning pride that the ps controller is superior to any joystick, but in reality I think its just because I suck. So I need to practice hardcore so I can at least make him eat his words :bluu:

I enjoy playing with guile and abel, but I feel I need to stick with Ryu or Ken until I can get a good feel for the joystick. How should I go about practicing on a joystick, I should add that I am a new player all around too. Any advice?

  1. SSF4 is not out yet…you probably mean SF4.
  2. Ryu imo is the best person to start with.

Honestly just pick whoever you want to main. I would say stay away from Seth/Akuma/Gen off the top of my head as they are the hardest to play with.

oh yeah I did mean SF4, my bad

Just play Ryu in training mode and make sure you can do all his moves on both sides. Then try doing shit like dash up throw, walk-up cr. MK -> hadoken, any complex shit you think might be a little hard.

thanks mariodood, I know this is real basic stuff, but I am pretty fresh so I want to get a good learning method for myself,
shoryuken seem to be giving me trouble , I seem to mix them up the hadokens. ( that is in the heat of battle not in training) So a walk up is basically walkiong towards my opponent?

You should do being doing reps of all your moves over and over in the training room from both sides of the screen before you can think about beating him. After you have the moves down pat then worry about basic combos like > hadouken (ground control combo ie: anytime he walks towards you without jumping) or st.hp > shoryuken (punish combo ie: anytime he whiffs or you block his shoryuken), then get familiar with how to Anti air him with a shoryuken which is primarily what you use this move for, I know you see him do it on the ground but its a pretty retarded thing to do, after that learn how to incorporate ex moves into your game (ie: in the corner ex tatsu can combo into ultra, try it out in the training room), don’t just try and mash a victory against him, actually become better then he is. If you are hell bent on shoto go Ryu, he is brain dead easy and as basic as it gets. Check out the Ryu forums on here to watch some video tutorials on how to play him when you get the basics I mentioned down.

If you walk forward and do hadoken, you’ll actually get shoryuken, because that’s really the shoryuken motion.

So if you want to do walk up hadoken or walk up cr. MK -> hadoken, you have to start the hadoken from downback instead of down. Thats all I meant. Just make sure you can do simple shit like that. Do it like 100 times on each side if you can. Use the DP shortcut (down-forward, down, down-forward+P) to help with DPs.