New members cannot create an account/No confirmation letters being sent

My friends are having difficulty creating an account, no confirmation emails are being sent to the designated email addresses. This is an issue with 3 people, I also tried creating a new account and I am experiencing the same problem.It says i was logged in with the new account, but when I went to post it asked me to sign in. I tried using my password and then it says the account does not exsist. It seems to me the main issue is that the website is not sending out confirmation letters for new people creating an account.

Hey, this is also happening with a girlfriend of mine. She still haven’t got her account activation email and she tried like 20 times already.

You checked your spam folder for the confirm letter right?

yes i spoke to a mod yesterday they said they are aware of it and working to fix the issue

you can always email me at mrwizard [at] shoryuken (dot) com and ill fix your account for you.

I had a hard time with the confirmation email too…

i sent an email and i guess a mod activated it.

ok thank mr.wizard I had no idea where to aim this concern, expect a few people to send you an email shortly.