New Members' Fight Club

Inspired by the section on smashboards where new members can post their codes for online matches. This is for completely new people to introduce themselves, say what they are about, and maybe find some good fights with other new members. This was made in regards to that there is a matchmaking section and “phonebooks” in the local sections. I know they are there.

Here’s how you should go about this.
Say a greeting, state your name, your games, and possibly your psn/wii number/xbl tag. Then just talk about yourself. Be decently polite, follow forum rules, don’t troll. Pretty simple.

If this thread isn’t hitting on much after a while I’ll kill it.

hi im Chris im new to srk and I main Honda!

psn: Chrismoke

was in the middle of an endless so i couldnt add more but… I’ve been playing fighting games since the original street fighter. Had a long break after MVC1 or so where all the arcades disappeared and my life spiraled in a different direction, now im back playing hardcore with super… street fighter is literally keeping me sane right now… so lets play!

Hey, my PSN is on the side (ColtranesRequiem in case you can’t read the side). Had a 10+ year layoff from SF and just getting back in the groove with SSFIV, so I’m open for matches!

Tenplus? wowsers. So you left at a3 and 3s.

Hi I’m Shadowysights!

PSN: Shadow sights

I enjoy play street fighter IV and Blazblue. Recently I have become concerned with finding a good main who I can use effectively in Street fighter.

Pretty close, my last real game was SFA1!

Whats up everyone?

My PSN accts: Umashikamono and EndlessSupra

Been playing fighting games for a offline for a long time, want to get online and get some much needed practice!
Feel free to add me.

You can see my gamertags under my name but I mostly play on xbox since PS3 yellow lighted. I mained Fei long since Super Turbo but switched to Balrog (Boxer) when SSF4 came out. I’ve been playing Street Fighter since I was 8. I’m 27 so you do the math. I started an SRK account in 2002 but since I was in the military and hardly got to use a computer and forgot my login information and all that. But I live in Houston and am always on the hunt for good comp. My biggest problem is that the so called “good/famous players” feel they are too good to play what the feel are “noobs/scrubs” because our names aren’t on the tongues of male groupies. I’m not taking shots at anybody in particular because aside from my trash talk during play, I’m pretty chill. But how can you pass judgemement on those you haven’t played? You all have seen what has happened to Justin Wong and Sanford. Anybody down to play, add me and get at me. Peace.