New Memeber in Gen community :)

Hello guys i am new memebr in shoryuken and i am a Gen player too … i was all the time watching your theards and i learned alot of Gen match ups … thanks to all

i would like to share a new things i just found it today:

[COLOR=#3b5998]sorry for my English and for the low quality video !![/COLOR]

Welcome to the forum. That video’s crazy, I never would have guessed something like that even exists in the game. It really makes me wonder what other situations might be affected by costume choices.

Welcome dude. The video made me laugh, but it really isn’t something in our favour =[.


Welcome. I’ve seen your name in the rankings before. Glad you decided to show your face (so to speak). Thanks for the video that was a good laugh.

Thanks to all for welcoming me and really am happy to be with you guys … thanks to Yeb for helping me posting the video in shoryuken main page …
hopefully they wont nerf Gen hitboxes or some thing like that !!
really they need to give Gen what he deserve … capcom always ignore this old man … by the way i posted in what i really want to give gen in new patch update … specially on his second stance (crane) !!

I couldn’t believe the video was still around only 100-200 views, but the front page post seemed to fix that.

The best part though:!/sethkillian/status/100414684292841474

Nice work. Now, does anyone have a good video for the landing frame glitch?

am sorry for the quality iam waiting for my Recorder !!! better to upload better quality

God, I wish I had the equipment to do this. Someone really REALLY needs to get on this.

which one have you bought? :slight_smile:

Gen, I think the lukemia is finally catchin up with him lol!

I did get confirmation that Seth actually knows about the landing frame glitch. Maybe if MK had a landing frame glitch, the comparison would be embarrassing enough for Capcom to fix it.