New method of playing sagat?

Does this work?


What a useful thread.:tup:

i gotta admit thats pretty funny (but seriously fuck sagat)

Strange, I didnt laugh once…I cant hear the laughter anymore…

Indeed strange, I find it quite funny

please die… that wasn’t even funny.

The more you hate, the more pleasure we take in winning you guys ;D


I hate this forum. In japan they are talking sagat strats for sbo, in america we are talking about sagat’s dance moves… ehhhhhhh we suck

+1 :tup:

Hey u guys are to stuck up. I enjoyed the vid it was hilarious!!! There is this thing called being a human being which means you are to have a personality. You guys rock for making this thread!

haha, so true.

But I did laugh at that video, lol.

Ok so I read nothing in thread this but I will say the reason American sagats suck ass is because they don’t play their match-ups and always just try and zone all day.

Isn’t Sagat a zoning character? He moves very slowly so Isn’t that what he is supposed to do?

PS Sorry for making this thread guys I was under the impression I could post a humorous video without getting neg repped to hell.

I liked the subtle crotch movements, just wish He was in his tight pants.


USA teams just got demolished first round of SBO. I’m sure they tried their best, but USA sucks and this thread highlights one of the many reasons why.