New Mexico: ABQ Ranbats, Las Cruces TNF, and Community Thread (NM-ISM,DKO,LC:TNF)




I’ll bring both of my sticks for sure. I’ll probably just leave them there so you can guys can use 'em. Wanna get to work early in the morning and just GTFO!


Unfortunately can’t make it to Dylan’s tonight, or to any Friday gathering in the near future, probably. See you guys at ranbats though.


anybody have any ideas for a point system?

that’s one thing i’m stuck on.

also i need 2-5 volunteers to be Tournament Directors

tournament directors will be assigned a week and will be in charge of making sure we have necessary hardware and running that weeks tournament. I’ll of course help out with everything and tell you everything you need to know. I just want to try and divide up who runs the event every week so that nobody gets burnt out like last time

ideally we’d have one main TD per event, and one assistant TD

Its not much but TD’s will get a free monster energy drink (from me) and perhaps a special edition of the t-shirt we’re working on.

once again here are the details for this season:

Every other saturday from feb 4th to april 14th at Super Gamers Anonymous
registration and setup is at 7:30, first game starts at 8, second at 8:20, and final game starts at 8:40
the order of games will be decided by number of entrants, game with the most entrants starts first
5 dollars per game per week with weekly payouts and 25% of the whole pot going to grand prizes at the end of the season
Grand prize money should be used to travel. The destination of travel is up to the winning party
all games will be on Xbox 360

standard tournament rules apply to all games with specific rules forthcoming

any more questions or concerns?

also nick if you could hit me up @ too three uno, eleven 87, i want to talk to you about streaman


Are the ranbats still going on? What games are you playing?


I can bring a ps2 with t4 and one stick and possibly a pad if I can find one. I’ll also bring my 360 with marvel and sf so if anyone wants to play it’ll be there


They are still going on. We are playing UMvC3, AE v.2012, and KoFXIII. Come by and throw down!


Im most def interested in some KoF so I might stop by next week :slight_smile:


Ranbats and Td’s?


1/20/12 Results:

Soulcalibur 2

Tekken 4


Soul Calibur 2 was there and I was busy…Goooo figure.


Garret, some info on Melty Blood as I promised.

This is also a way for you all to acquire it and the latest revision which enables netplay if you are so inclined.


SoulCalibur II AND Pi joins the A3SC (ABQ 3rd Strike Coalition)??? The days I pick not to show up…

Then again, I see Garrett won SC2; I already gave to that charity last week.


Most popular charity in ABQ: Garrett’s Little Boy Hooker Fund.


SC5 looks pretty sick. They need to put Lu Bu in there.


Hey Pi, sorry I took so long to confirm for your February tourney, but go ahead and pre-register me for KoF, AE, and SC5. I’ll be able to bring my CRT and a PS3 with KoF (with all DLC), UMvC3 (no dlc), 3SO, and SCV.


This isn’t my best work, and I’m not proud of it, but…

If this goes on a t-shirt, I want all proceeds to go to the cause.




Would pay any amount for that shirt.

Also glad to see that Pat will be able to join us more often now that he’s gotten a new, lucrative job writing rap songs.

How come you are going to be missing Fridays now? :frowning:


“Save the children, for Garrett”