New Mexico: ABQ Ranbats, Las Cruces TNF, and Community Thread (NM-ISM,DKO,LC:TNF)


This isn’t my best work, and I’m not proud of it, but…

If this goes on a t-shirt, I want all proceeds to go to the cause.




Would pay any amount for that shirt.

Also glad to see that Pat will be able to join us more often now that he’s gotten a new, lucrative job writing rap songs.

How come you are going to be missing Fridays now? :frowning:


“Save the children, for Garrett”


Looking to hit up the Friday nights whenever you host AE now that I officially have my Fridays back permanently, I just wanna know why they’re only $1 now?!


we are all poor asses + the aforementioned garrett’s little boy hooker fund = $1 tournaments.


also ranbats will be here in two weeks with 5$ games across the board


Tough to get bigger entries for AE now sadly. Was considering $5 Marvel this week if people aren’t scared.


Hey guys so i’m doing a contest on facebook. who ever has a facebook, can you help me win? just follow the link and like my photo. thanks:)

Also, I can’t wait for ranbats! i’m not really playing much but i’m still gonna make it out.





lol this is funny as hell


What do people want to play this week? I assume Marvel and something else.


Mahvel, CvS2 on Dreamcast and KOF


SF, so I can show off my mad Cody skeeeeelz.


Anybody wants to get some games later, my place or XBL, and doesn’t mind hanging out with a baby and one or two of my in-laws, hit me up - 505-974-7236 (I live up on Montgomery and Tramway). KOF, Mahvel, Melty Blood… Shit, I don’t care. It’s my birthday and I feel like I should be doing something besides work.



Pat, please do this next time you play anyone in a tournament. Kthx


Best idea ever!!


updated first post with rules and i wanted some input on the points system

here is my proposed point system for 6 week games

1st - 8
2nd - 6
3rd - 4
4th - 3
5th - 2
7th - 1

and for 4 week games

1st - 8
2nd - 6
3rd - 4
4th - 3
5th - 2

any issues or does this sound good?


This is my wallpaper now.