New Mexico: ABQ Ranbats, Las Cruces TNF, and Community Thread (NM-ISM,DKO,LC:TNF)


1st page get


What’s all this then?


I’m twelve years old and what’s this?


Are the games gonna be played on ps3?


it’ll be on xbox

found a sick deal on a converter to play on a wired 360


Converters lag so you have to make sure it’s a lagless one, Markman has a thread.

Wait I mean that converter is perfect and you never have to worry about lag so just grab that up. Your vega will be even scarier you won’t even know when your moves come out ,thats only assuming you actually know what your doing now.


If you wanna stay competitive I’d get the converter Ian has :

It’s a well proven converter sold by a guy who is very involved in the community. It might cost more but its lag free. I think it might be for ps2 but you can get a used ps pad for like 7 bucks at gamers anonymous


So zman was exposed?

Zal, what was the vote count for ranbats on having them on saturdays?


Updated the 2nd post with the soul calibur launch information, and updated the pre reg list so far.

Also. I need set ups as usual! if you can provide setups i will waive your venue fee. Also, FYI I don’t have a full schedule yet. But KOFXIII will be a 12/afternoon game. SO DON"T SLEEP IN!


19 to 11

It was a significant margin


First one is on my 21st birthday… weak. What was the point of the meeting we had if half the things we decided on are now changed?


What changed, beside being from thursday to saturdays?

Also, zal can you give us details on how much each season is gonna be, and what the money is going for again?


I volunteer my PS3 if you need it. I’ll have AE, KOF, T6, 3SO, and SC


That could fuck shit up if you are having your party at my house. May need to reconsider the start date.

And the only thing that changed from the meeting was the date.

As far as money goes each game is 5 dollars each week. Twenty five percent of all entry fees will be put towards season prizes and community equipment.

We haven’t decided yet if we will issue a first season prize or if it will buy equipment instead. I think with the road to EVO in full swing it might be good to get some travelling under our belt and maybe buy new gear after EVO.

As far as the points goes that still needs to be worked out


I really hope that the money goes to someone for travel if not then your really gonna fuck shit up. The whole point of ranbats is to gain money to send people to majors to show off our so called"skills". Your not fucking evo your the evo champ.

My point is if you buy equipment where you gonna store it? Cause if I put in money and you guys buy a TV and an Xbox and I go to your house and you guys are playing on that shit that the community chipped in on I swear to god I’d punch you in the fucking eye. Or if the scene dies or when ranbats are over you just own some new shit? Theres to much dumb shit with this. Are scene is small we’ve done fine with ALL the other tournies with out buying equipment.

Zal make it known what your gonna do cause if you are gonna buy equipment then I wan’t no part of that straight BULLSHIT scam unless your gonna store all the equipment at my house so I can use which is still fucking dumb.


I think sending out the top 2 to EVO qualifiers (or whatever out of state tournies) is the best idea. If Pi can host tri-state tournies with all community setups and not have issues, I don’t think we’ll need extra equipment for what will just be citywide ranbats.

Another idea is that Rosen-b (if he’s up to it) could maybe make a New Mexico themed stick for the actual winner to take to tournies and show off our scene. I dunno…it’s something. That way there is a physical prize for the real winner, while the top 2 or 3 can go along with the winner and play out of state.

If the prize ends up being travel, I’d be happy to give more than 25% (maybe up to 50?) to get our best out there in the rest of the country.


I’m super down to do that. We could kick some ideas around on friday for what type of design to go with. On another note, I’m finally getting close to finishing my Felicia stick. What do you guys think?


first of all, why would i need an extra xbox at my house when we have two of them and two playstations, that’s just stupid. Come on pat why would that be the case?

second of all i think it’s in our best interest to have at least 2-3 set ups that will always be there and aren’t dependent on one of our sketchy asses to be there, and we don’t need to buy monitors cause Jon has a bunch of Asus at the shop. We can get Xboxes for around 100 bucks a pop, which over three seasons is a tiny investment to ensure that all events run smoothly. This was one of the biggest issue of the old ranbats, people promised to come every week and bring their setups, and by the end of it, we were running on between 3-4 setups which is way too few if we plan to run three games a week. Sure Pi’s events go well, but let’s not forget that people also have financial incentive to supply him with hardware, we have no such compensation with ran bats. Also, we would have never been able to undertake a tournament like ACE without the NVGA supplying us with gear, it just could not have happened. I want to be out of jon’s shop by midnight, and we sure as shit can’t do that with 3 setups.

thirdly, thats why i posted it here for debate, we can get gear after the EVO season, or we can get it now, we might even have enough money to buy one xbox and send off the three winners of ran bats. we are also working on other ways to generate money (maybe a beat the pro style thing) so that soon we won’t have to take ANY money off the top for the community and can use all money towards prizes and traveling.

as for how and where they will be stored, i figured various people in the community could use them when they aren’t at ran bats (with stipulations of course), sometimes consoles die or we need to sell them to pay rent. So if someone falls on a hard couple of months they will still be able to practice and compete which includes you pat, i know you’ve been without a console and you know how much it sucks. And if for whatever reason the community falls apart we could sell the consoles and throw a big blow out tournament or something. remember only 1.25 of every entry fee is being taken, and an even smaller percentage will be used to get hardware, other scenes take 5 dollar ‘community’ fees every week, i think this is a much better deal.

anymore questions or concerns, ideas even?


Okay, so what does “sending the winner to evo” include? Is it plane ticket, hotel room, and entry fee?

Also, since i think some of the money should to go equipment. I have an xbox with marvel, but that’s it. You’ll probably have to buy extra game’s and a few extra counsels.

Oh btw, her birthday party is on the day of pi’s tournament so i think the start day is fine.