New Mexico: ABQ Ranbats, Las Cruces TNF, and Community Thread (NM-ISM,DKO,LC:TNF)


Oh nice! I might stop by sometime then, would I just reply to the post or just show up?


You can just show up if you like, or post in the forum on and introduce yourself and THEN show up, haha.


Haha yeah I dont want to just pop up like that, but thank you for showing me the forum and the website! I had no idea that we had a little community here in Alb.


People just pop up all the time so like I said feel free to come by.


In a week and a half:

Thanks for the money. Now get outta my face!!


CO isn’t what I’m worried about, I’m worried about the 10-0 matchup of the character select screen vs me. Maybe this time… I’ll beat it…




You gonna enter Skullgirls?



Why are you people still posting here? Don’t make me Grinch out on ya… ALL NM RELATED CONTENT CAN BE FOUND, AND SHOULD BE POSTED HERE-


Hey guys, I’ll be in New Mexico next week, where I can I get games?!


Pre-Reg List (as of 09/17/2012)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  1. Ver314 ABQ NM
  2. TPA|Dylan ABQ NM
  3. E-Dawg ABQ NM
  4. Rage El Paso TX
  5. TPA Patdick ABQ NM
  6. TPA Grinch ABQ NM
  7. Xtina ABQ NM
  8. Killakam Farmington NM
  9. h34r7l355 Farmington NM
  10. SLC Farmington NM
  11. Sythan Farmington NM
  12. Johnny Walker ABQ NM
  13. Mzy ABQ NM
  14. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  15. MikeJonesJaxson El Paso TX
  16. AM Anathema ABQ NM
  17. Dylan ABQ NM
  18. Ronin ABQ NM
  19. Saeng CO
  20. Pookie Gallup NM
  21. PotatokisS Gallup NM
  22. Lucifrie Albuquerque NM
  23. UCB Venomoth Espanola NM
  24. PastaFrenzy Albuquerque NM

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012

  1. Ver314 ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Onimaru ABQ NM
  4. Rage El Paso TX
  5. TPA Patdick ABQ NM
  6. Knot Santa Fe NM
  7. Gustavo Santa Fe NM
  8. Se7en ABQ NM
  9. SLC Farmington NM
  10. Johnny Walker ABQ NM
  11. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  12. Luke ABQ NM
  13. PotatokisS Gallup NM
  14. MadEyeMadoo ABQ NM
  15. Danilo Denver CO
  16. Lucifrie Albuquerque NM
  17. Ramses Las Cruces NM
  18. EFL-RipTheJacker CO

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

  1. E-Dawg ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Nick Kage ABQ NM
  4. TPA Rosen-G ABQ NM
  5. Onimaru ABQ NM
  6. Rage El Paso TX
  7. TPA Grinch ABQ NM
  8. Se7en ABQ NM
  9. IKEA 2 Sentinels 1 Cup ABQ NM
  10. Killakam Farmington NM
  11. SLC Farmington NM
  12. Zal ABQ NM
  13. Alex3Sixty ABQ NM
  14. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  15. MikeJonesJaxson El Paso TX
  16. Chavelo CO
  17. Saeng CO
  18. Mascot Ray Las Cruces NM
  19. Luke ABQ NM
  20. PJ Espanola NM
  21. DeaD_herO_15 Espanola NM
  22. Pookie Gallup NM
  23. LoL Aaron ABQ NM
  24. NFG.sepulvedajin AZ
  25. MadEyeMadoo ABQ NM
  26. Lucifrie Albuquerque NM
  27. UCB Venomoth Espanola NM
  28. Davidis Odium Albuquerque NM
  29. EFL-RipTheJacker CO
  30. Akka Las Cruces NM
  31. Guana Eps Albuquerque

Soul Calibur V
01 Gustavo Santa Fe NM
02. Killakam Farmington NM
03. Ivylicious ABQ NM
04. Ronin ABQ NM
05. PotatokisS Gallup NM
06. Lucifrie Albuquerque NM

King Of Fighters XIII

  1. GoldenGlove ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Onimaru ABQ NM
  4. Knot Santa Fe NM
  5. Gustavo Santa Fe NM
  6. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  7. Pedro CO
  8. Ryyudo CO
  9. E2 CO
  10. Lol Aaron ABQ NM
  11. Danilo Denver CO

Skull Girls

  1. TPA|Dylan ABQ NM
  2. TPA Patdick ABQ NM
  3. Johnny Walker ABQ NM
  4. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  5. Luke ABQ NM
  6. Ryyudo CO

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

  1. E-Dawg ABQ NM
  2. IKEA 2 Sentinels 1 Cup ABQ NM
  3. Mr Radon Las Cruces NM
  4. h34r7l355 Farmington NM
  5. Sythan Farmington NM
  6. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  7. PotatokisS Gallup NM
  8. Ryyudo CO

Persona 4 Arena

  1. GoldenGlove ABQ NM
  2. zman ABQ NM
  3. Knot Santa Fe NM
  4. Gustavo Santa Fe NM
  5. h34r7l355 Farmington NM
  7. Ivylicious ABQ NM
  8. AM Anathema ABQ NM
  9. Chavelo CO
  10. Ryyudo CO
  11. E2 CO
  12. IKEA 2 Sentinels 1 Cup ABQ NM
  13. Mascot Ray Las Cruces NM
  14. Luke ABQ NM
  15. NFG.sepulvedajin AZ
  16. AM SweetTea Albuquerque NM

Complete Setups:
Pi - Asus monitor, ps3 with tag 2, ae 2012, umvc3, kof, Scv, and vf5
Dylan - Asus monitor, ps3, all games.
Knot – Asus monitor, ps3, with kof and ae
KillaKam – Asus Monitor, ps3, with umvc3, tag2, and scv
Luke - Asus monitor, Ps3, with UMVC3, AE2012, Skull Girls, Virtua Fighter, KOF
Rosen/LoL Aaron - Asus monitor (Mike), ps3 with umvc3, skullgirls, and kof (Aaron)
PotatkisS - Aoc monitor with ps3, with AE2012, SCV, VF5, and TTT2
MikeJonesJaxon - Asus monitor with ps3 with TTT2

Partial set ups
Pi - Asus monitor
Mzy – Ps3 w/ games Tag 2, UMVC3, P4A


Full Results

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
01: Radon (Las Cruces NM)
02: E-Dawg (ABQ NM)
03: EFL Ryyudo (Colorado)
04: Ramses (Las Cruces NM)

King of Fighters XIII

01: EFL Pedro (Colorado)
02: EFL Ryyudo (Colorado)
03: EFL Edgar (Colorado)
04: Knot (Santa Fe NM)
05: Zman (ABQ NM)
05: Golden Glove (ABQ NM)
07: EFL Daniel (Colorado)
07: Gustavo (Santa Fe NM)
09: Ivylicious (ABQ NM)
09: BG.EFL Chavelo (Colorado)

Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012

01: Carlo (El Paso TX)
02: Ivylicous (ABQ NM)
03: Rage (El paso TX)
04: EFL Recon (Colorado)
05: ZMan (ABQ NM)
05: Onimaru (ABQ NM)
07: 8BIT FIX MikeJonesJackson (El Paso TX)
07: Johnny Walker (ABQ NM)
09: Luke (ABQ NM)
09: E-Dawg (ABQ NM)
09: Golden Glove (ABQ NM)
09: Se7en (ABQ NM)
13: Ramses (Las Cruces NM)
13: Fallguy (ABQ NMO
13: EFL Daniel (Colorado)
13: Gustavo (Santa Fe NM)
17: Knot (Santa Fe NM)
17: Lucifrye (New Jersey)

Persona 4 Arena

01: EFL Ryyudo (Colorado)
02: Zman (ABQ NM)
03: Golden Glove (ABQ NM)
04: 2 Sentinels 1 Cup (ABQ NM)
05: Luke (ABQ NM)
05: BG.EFL Chavelo (Colorado)
07: Mzy (ABQ NM)
07: AM Anathema (ABQ NM)
09: EFL Edgar (Colorado)
09: AM Sweet Tea (ABQ NM)
09: Carlos (ABQ NM)

Skull Girls

01: TPA Dylan (ABQ NM)
02: EFL Ryyudo (Colorado)
03: Ivylicious (ABQ NM)

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

01: Saeng (Colorado)
02: CHL RagingDemon69 (ABQ NM)
03: EFL Recon (Colorado)
04: Ivylicious (ABQ NM)
05: 8BIT FIX MikeJonesJackson (El paso TX)
05: Pookie (Gallup NM)
07: KillaKam (Farmington NM)
07: Dr. HO (ABQ NM)
09: Darren (Espanola NM)
09: TPA Grinch (ABQ NM)
09: Nick Cage (ABQ NM)
09: Luke (ABQ NM)
13: Zman (ABQ NM)
13: DaReal (ABQ NM)
13: Se7en (ABQ NM)
13: Slash (ABQ NM)
17: Oni (ABQ NM)
17: Aaron LOL (ABQ NM)
17: Rage (El Paso TX)
17: Dead Hero (Espanola NM)
17: E-Dawg (ABQ NM)
17: BG.EFL Chavelo (Colorado)
17: Alex 360 (ABQ NM)
17: Chingachgook (ABQ NM)
25: UCB Venomoth (Espanola NM)
25: EFL Pedro (Colorado)
25: B-Ry (ABQ NM)
25: Onimaru (ABQ NM)
25: Maddy (ABQ NM)
25: Honey Bear (Gallup NM)
25: Guana Eps (ABQ NM)
25: David (ABQ NM)
33: Derrek (Santa Fe NM)
33: Zal (ABQ NM)
33: Davids (ABQ NM)
33: Lucifrye (New Jersey)

Soul Calibur V

01: Ivylicious (ABQ NM)
02: Chingachgook (ABQ NM)
03: Ronin (ABQ NM)
04: Honey Bear (Gallup NM)
05: Zander (ABQ NM)
05: Lucifrye (New Jersey)

–Side tournament-- Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2nd chance tournament)

01: Radon (Las Cruces NM)
02: E-Dawg (ABQ NM)
03: Maddy (ABQ NM)
04: Zander (ABQ NM)
05: UCB venomoth (Espanola NM)
05: Pasta Frenzy (ABQ NM)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

01: Saeng (Colorado)
02: Heartless (Farmington NM)
03: Ronin (ABQ NM)
04: Ivylicious (ABQ NM)
05: KillaKam (Farmington NM)
05: Stoic (Japan)
07: Chingachgook (ABQ NM)
07: Jacob L (ABQ NM)
09: X-tina (ABQ NM)
09: Elijah L (ABQ NM)
09: TPA Grinch (ABQ NM)
09: Ver314 (ABQ NM)
13: Pookie (Gallup NM)
13: Honey Bear (Gallup NM)
13: BRD (ABQ NM)
13: Johnny Walker (ABQ NM)
17: Mzy (ABQ NM)
17: Aaron LOL (ABQ NM)
17: Se7en (ABQ NM)
17: Knives (ABQ NM)
17: Dr. Ho (ABQ NM)
17: Nick (Farmington NM)
17: 8BIT FIX MikeJonesJackson
17: EFL Pedro (Colorado)
25: EFL Recon (Colorado)
25: UCB Venomoth (Espanola NM)
25: Radon (Las Cruces NM)
25: David SLC (Farmington NM)
25: Luke (ABQ NM)
25: Lucifrye (New Jersey)
25: ShortStack (ABQ NM)
25: Zander (ABQ NM)
33: Rob Dog (ABQ NM)
33: TPA Dylan (ABQ NM)
33: E-Dawg (ABQ NM)
33: Pasta Frenzy (ABQ NM)


I have a never opened NIB 2012 EVO TE stick here in ABQ that im going to sell. This was a limited run of only 300 and each one is numbered underneath. Generally these small evo or comic con runs sell for close to double a year or so later but truth is Im clearing out a bunch of stuff since recently becoming a father!

If anyone is interested let me know by PM or call/text at 319-1733. Its the 360 version. Its clear and has a white white PCB inside to look even cleaner. These are other peoples pics but this is the stick. Just asking the retail price for it. I’ll eat the shipping I paid on it.

I’ll delete these pics a few days from now or if it sells so I dont clog up the thread :slight_smile:

Its a cool stick to mod with lights seeing as its clear if you wanna go down that path.


Hey man drop a thread on this on our forums. Our community has pretty much left SRK and is residing at




Since NM-ISM is soft like cotton candy dudes ain’t even pushing powdered sugar.


MAMBA where’s the love. Hows your e-penis? You’ve been MIA not to much to swell up about or what?


Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Couple of announcements for C3/SuperCon 2K Series concerning the Holiday Bash:
[]Pre-registration closes November 30th 2012
]Schedule for the Holiday Bash is now live.
You can view all this information here -
There some big money on the line to start the C3 2012-2013 season so we hope to see everyone out for the event on December 8th!!


Hey, New Mexico. Just a dropping a friendly line about this new regional.


New Mexico, check us out