New Mexico: ABQ Ranbats, Las Cruces TNF, and Community Thread (NM-ISM,DKO,LC:TNF)


I played Marvel for those kids at the charity tournament. They should be giving me Xboxes.


I’m sorry but after we just gave all that money to craig last time after it was said ranbats are to send someone out to a major is fucking wack. Repeating that is my biggest fear and not sending people out.

Fucking xbox . I’ve gone through about 6 my boss is on his 12th but yeah that’s a real good investment instead of just paying people to bring theres then you don’t have to worry about it breaking in 1-3 weeks. Then what fucking waste of 100 bucks and me saying I fucking told you so. Or the person who has it does’nt show up I know where all %100 reliable in candy land but this is real life.

After EVO I think we should invest our money in some 5’ dick shaped ice sculptours and then we can store them up your ass cause they’ll last longer then the fucking used xbox you buy.


look i gave you another solution that could make it so we spend NONE of the ranbats money on anything other than the players which you conveniently ignored. i know you don’t agree with me but we do need gear. And sure Montoya could run shit back in the day, we didn’t need special tv’s back then, and as for Pi’s events like i said, its not economically feasible for me to pay people to bring their gear, and I would make sure any community hardware is where it needs to be on saturday night, even if i have to drive to the heights or westside to make sure of it.

Would you prefer we institute a community fee?


Fuck xbox. Aren’t there more ps3 players here than xbox?


We could charge a couple bucks, and wave it for people who bring setups.


couple of suggestions…

1-let the people who earn the travel money decide what event or events they want the money to go towards

2-if equipment is going to be purchased, make it something that the scene as a whole will benefit from, like streaming equipment or something. I can’t co-sign to buying systems/setups, we already have them! Unless by some miracle our attendance is going to triple for some reason, i don’t see why we can’t get along w/ the systems we already have.



it’s about 50/50 and xboxes are cheaper



jimmy- sf4 and marvel both run better on xbox, so i understand the reasoning for it. get a ps2 pad + xbox360 converter and your good to go bro.


How did I ignore it? I said AFTER evo you can buy some ice dicks for your dumb retarded ass. You know what Zal fuck you and your dumb ranbats.

“WE DECIDED were not sending anybody to evo” who the fuck is we? Cause I don’t remember getting asked. Or am I not part of the we obviously fucking not.

Stay tuned for REAL RANBATS at Dylans on Friday’s. Where it’s not a dick tatorship.


i’m sorta curious about who was on the committee for the decisions…


I agree with not sending people to EVO. Anyone that wants to go (and is able) does go.

However no one goes to EVO qualifier tourneys (except Mamba) so I agree with Zal that we should focus on those if we are going to send people out of state.

Also you suck Pat. You stood me up for our hot date! Lol


Shots. Have. Been. Fired!


And how is it not feasible for you to give some one a $5 entry fee I already did that math for you up there or did you just"conveniently ignore it".

$200 that’s 8 setups per your 5 ranbats you don’t need that tops 4 that’s 100 dollars the same price as one XBOX. And that’s not feasible? You don’t have to worry about storage or red ring or disc drive error. Seriously?Not feasible?REALLY?


ok here is the reason we shouldn’t send people to evo, many of us already go to this every year, i think garrett who would likely win at least one spot would prefer to use it on another event seeing as between car pooling and room sharing evo is relatively cheap.

and pat, i don’t get it man. all you do is hate. everyone else is civil and wants to talk things out like adults, and you apparently can’t stop thinking about ice dildos. As far as who made choices we talked all this stuff out at the meeting which none of you came to. not only that but i’ve so far changed almost everything that people didn’t like about our original proposal. in addition NOTHING IS SET IN STONE CAUSE IT HASN’T FUCKING HAPPENED YET! i’m only repeating what i and several other community organizers (Pi, Jason, Garrett, Eli, Xtina, myself) agreed upon, if the whole community feels differently, then guess what, we will change it. This is entirely democratic and instead of offering up ideas you just act like i’m a fucking asshole for wanting to set up mechanisms to assist the community instead of just spinning our wheels for another year


Forget ranbats, forget the politics… when’s the Pat vs. Zal FT20 grudge match?

I’m just throwing this out here; I’d be open to doing some original art for sticks, t-shirts, etc. Stick art in particular is something I’d like to try my hand at. I figure with my diminished presence in the community, I should offer something besides obviously high-level competition - as you’ve all seen.

Also, Vee Eff Motherfucking Five.


Is this one big enough?


Dick-shaped snowcones, that’s how we’ll raise community money.


Edited even though your already read it. Really trying to be cool about this Zal but if you don’t want my advice then you don’t worry no more advice from me you never listen anyway.

I wish you would have responded to the facts and numbers I gave you instead of worrying about the frozen dick.

Martin that’s the most coolest thing I’ve ever seen it makes me wanna buy the oscar myer wiener mobile and paint it like a dick. Then ram it into people, oh man that’s a dream.


Just an idea, I’d be more than happy to open my casa earlier than normal on Friday if people want to talk about stuff like what points to use or what to do with prize money. I feel that in-person discussion will be more productive than the forum. Maybe 6pm or something…if people are interested.


This knee-jerk reaction to Zal’s ideas is disturbing, and contributes nothing significant to the discussion. If you don’t like an idea, all you need to do is make it known. There is no need to insult and belittle others because it only serves to make your argument weaker.

From the outset, I, along with several others, have stressed the importance of open community discussion and involvement. Even though some of us may think that new equipment is necessary, others seem to feel rather strongly against it; this is to be expected. However, to my understanding, nothing, other than dates, games and times has been decided. Unfortunately, Dylan I won’t be able to swing by any earlier than 8 this Friday, but I hope that others will take you up on your idea.

Zal, like any of us, only wants this community to flourish. If you think he’s going about it the wrong way then let everyone know, and if you have other suggestions, we’d all love to hear them. Please keep the discussion civil, and in the words of everyone’s favorite gentleman, “Keep it classy.”

P.S. Pat, I didn’t get to tell you last week, but those stuffed mushrooms were godlike. Thank you so much.