New Mexico, ABQ

Ok this is sad but I will try and get something going on this thread again. I admitidly have been awol from these boards and missed some tournies here as well. But I really want to try out my new copy of Capcom Fighting Jam with some decent comp (don’t Hate). Cause XBLive is a long ways off and the lag will probably suck. So if any one happens to be in town (or will be)that plays reply or message me. I also am always up to battle peeps in SFAC sfa3 cvs2 mvc2 (though not so good) ggxx snk fighters, etc. I play em all. And man, no more bukkake jokes. Though I can’t deny there effective & harlarious.

.How do you say Hello in New Mexican.

Im a bit rusty but I think it goes a little sumthin like this…

:china: :china: :rofl:

???Rio Rancho???

Really? sometimes you live in rio rancho? Well if you’re ever around let me know. I’m down to battle. I work in ?? ???. Yeah I speaky but I had to use babelfish to type that sentence cause i don’t know of a way input Japanese text on my windows machine. :sad: I used to type all the time on the mac when I was at school in 0saka.

Will do.???We’ll have to play sometime.

Nah man, Hakujin da. I was just an exchange student out there. But yeah do it up there’s one arcade in the mall that still has most of the newer capcom fighters. some SNK and of course 3d.

Sounds great.

I’ll be in town january as well, rio rancho. I’m moving back after a two year hiatus, where are the arcades (if any) at?

I really don’t think that there are that many arcades in ALB, just random tilts here and there. but i don’t know about what kind of comp you can find, unless it’s for 3D based games

The only arcade that I know is still active is in the coronado mall in ABQ.

Deaf ears

Well, I know that this post may be falling on mostly deaf ears, considering it’s been quit some time between posts in this thread, but what the hell.

I’ve already PMed two of the four people who have posted in this thread, but I want to get something started, so that when I tell people “Oh, just look me up at SRK under New Mexico, ABQ” they don’t see that there’s less than a page of posts. :sad:

Now, if you read my PMs then you probably know that I want to start a weekly or biweekly tournament in ABQ, and that I feel the best venue to start this up at would be the Coronado Tilt (or as you so put it, the only arcade really left in ABQ) :lame: . The games I would be trying to hold tournaments for would be MvC2, GGXX, Tekken 5, SC2, and any other fighters that Tilt has to offer that someone might be interested in playing. There would be a $1-2 buy-in for each game, pay for your own games (we would have them set the machines up for tournament play), winner takes the whole pot. Considering the number of people we might be getting at this tournament :tdown: that probably won’t be all that much money. But as far as I can tell, ABQ is in desperate need of a regular local 2D-3D fighting tournament, so it would be a wonderful opportunity for us to set up a good play group, and hopefully have some fun and learn some things.

Now, I plan on trying to start posting for this no later than June 23rd, and running the tournment within a week and a half of that date (the following Fri., Sat., or Sun.). If anyone is interested, then you can PM me, or put me on your AIM, my SN is SirRosencrantz. Let’s get this show on the road.

You should come down here sometime. With El Paso, we have a lot of people that are decent at fighting games. For example, this past week, a friend from WA came down, who plays LifeTimeBoy often, and my friends could hang with him in CVS2 really well.

We went to the last tourney there in ABQ (RTD is a BEAST, lol), and for MVC2, CVS2, and 3s, the comp. was either from here or CO. =\

I dunno, just a suggestion. =)

Thanks RowJoe. From what I’ve seen in terms of posts on SRK, there is certainly a much better following in Cruces than in ABQ. I’d love to go down there for tournaments (on a regular basis), and I know you guys come up for the x-topia tournies as well. You guys sound pretty cool, and I’ll try hopin’ over to your threads and talkin’ with you guys more often too. However, although I would love to hang with the Cruces crowd, it’d be nice to get a regular play group here in ABQ… I mean, it’s kinda sad that ABQ and surrounding areas has ~60% of the states population, but we can’t even get a regular tournament running. Thanks for the post though RowJoe… aliteration aside :clap: . I hope I get to play against you guys some time.

BTW, this is the old thread. We had a more recent thread but i guess it dissapeard, the last post was in march i think.

I hope these tourney’s bring a crowd, i’ve noticed a lot more people playing games at tilt, however i can’t tell if its just casual mallrats or serious fighters. I think we should get some flyers up pretty soon. And CVS2 :slight_smile:

I’ll be posting flyers at Tilt today. I’m starting as a posting for a bi-weekly starting next saturday, July 2nd. I’ll try to do every fighting game that they have, if we can get enough players for them. I spoke with the manager there this week, and some of the employees, and they seem to think it’s a pretty good idea, and gave me the okay to post flyers. Hope we get a decent showing :clap: . I’ll hope to see you there. I couldn’t find another ABQ forum, so I just started posting in this one… if we can just start this one up, I’ll be fine with that though. Hope to see you all there!

I’ll be visiting family in ABQ from about July 9th to mid-August, and I’d love to find some competition for Marvel to spend some time playing. Where are the good spots? I was like, 12 last time I visited an arcade in ABQ.

I might try to take my stick, or build a new one there if people play console, but I’m not so sure, I remember how violent ABQer’s tend to be, haha.

Do you think you guys could come down here? I’d LOVE to play someone from the Northwest. =) I’d say there’s at least 7 or 8 of us that play regularly, but there’s plenty more, if needed for incentive. I’ve seen some of the recent Seattle vids, so I’m hoping we can give you some decent comp. =)

Oh, most of us have our own sticks, too, so we’d be respectful towards yours, lol.

LOL, Well, it might be the other way around. Only our top players in Oly can really hang with the Seattle guys, and I’m considered to be rather weak amongst Oly competition. I’m hoping to play a lot up here before I go down there though so I can get buffed up and play better, though.

Hrm, i was at tilt today and didn’t notice any flyers, however i left around 7 anyway. Can’t wait for the tourney, i might enter all of them just for the fun of it.

Edit: Also, what time is it going to start and what are the rules. I’m not sure when i’ll go to tilt next so i’m asking here.