New Mexico, ABQ

this survey determines the fate of ranbats. how will you vote?

Just this for now.

For Friday we’ll have two games at my place…KOF and AE!

Casuals will start around **7 **PM for those that want fun games, and continue the rest of the night.

KOF will start around 8 PM, be $1, and probably be all PS3.

AE will start around **9 PM **(or whenever KOF finishes), be $1, and probably be all PS3. I’ll only have one copy of it so if someone can bring an extra that’d help a lot.

I’ll have two PS3s available for the tourney, and I’ll have the back room SDTV open as well. If anyone wants to bring an extra console/setup, that’d be awesome.

And of course the MVS will be running, and will have Samurai Showdown 2 added to it as well!

If anyone has any questions or needs extra directions, give me a call at 977-3177.

Hope to see everyone there!

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Really, no marvel?


There will be casuals and anyone can money match in Marvel if they feel the need to lose dollars without having a tourney.


so much butt hurt

Reported due to being whack

No Marvel??? I’m rollin for sure then!

Still gonna have TTT HD, mang!

Ran Bats Season 3 announcement is coming tonight.

get your votes in by 8

i’ll make my announcement here or at dylan’s tonight @ 8:30

here is the link:

please don’t vote more than once, i’ve already seen some duplicate IPs with identical votes.

Mikel and I live together so don’t discount my vote!

no they wouldn’t have been your votes LOL, so i know it wasn’t you guys

Zal, I voted from your IP, does that matter?

I can take a couple of setups for marvel later.

no eric, it shouldn’t matter

i haven’t recieved any new votes, so i’m going to close up voting, not that one or two votes would change ANYTHING.

i unfortunately can’t make it out to dylan’s tonight but stay tuned for the announcement

here is the new community thread and ranbats schedule! get HYPE!

Edited after advice from my monkey. See most people have filtering monkeys( a type of monkey that stops you from saying stuff you’ll regret) in there head but I had to hire one his name is Dylan known mostly as the JEW.

The pay is fantastic. Also, wrong thread lol

So I’m trying to sell my astro arcade panel

bought it for $125 with some crappy ls 56’s I put in 2 JLF’s for $25 each and 2 multiconsole pcb’s for $25 each the spent $12 for 2 dreamcast controllers with prestine cords. I spent close to 250 would like to sell it to some one in the community if at all possible. Will sell in ABQ only, for $150 or best offer.