New Mexico, ABQ


I’ll be showing up if I can find a way over there =P

As always, money goes out to people who can provide transport. Odds are I’ll be able to make it out one way or another though.



Remember, I got another guy that might need a ride down as well, he would come up with me. Lemme know asap, that way if he can go, he can take my spot at the El Paso room and I can room with you guys!


Just in case anyone was curious, this is the video I was trying to show Jimmy last night. I figured I’d post it here for everyone’s simultaneous enjoyment.

Also, for the people who were saying they hadn’t seen my blog yet:


This guy doesn’t like George Michael, BOOOOOOOOOO!


People ask me “Why is the PC SF community so great?”. Welp, here’s your answer:


it’s ok he’s with sexy sax man saxagrams dot com


Hey ABQ peeps. I’m driving to EVO from New York and one of my stops is going to be in ABQ on the 21st. Do you guys do events at any local arcades, or is it just at people’s houses? I’m trying to get a sample of the local scenes across the country as I head to EVO and blog about them. It would be sick if I could see what your gatherings are like, sounds like you guys go pretty hard and have a good time.


We don’t have an arcade really but we do get games. I’m sure we’ll have a session that night. My room mate and I would be down to host that night for sure.


No Arcade?? :frowning:


Sweet! I guess I will check back here for details once it gets closer. Really looking forward to seeing the scene you guys have built!


I just meant no arcade we could go to anytime. I like tnw so much I want to buy a t shirt


He is above the law though.


TNW shirt would be sweet.

Magnus, what games do you play? :slight_smile:


Sean he deserves a suplex for that one. Are you gonna be around Sean or are you already in the big time? Your arcade is the only one of it’s kind and it’s almost a myth so underground actually to sum it up in one word “heaven”.


Okies, little change in plans. I will make it into ABQ on the 22nd, not 21st. Zal, do you think you and your roomie will still be doing something?


I play Dat Marvel and AE primarily. I have a really scrubby Kitana in MK9 and a very basic Metal/Petra in AH3. Been playing FG’s a long time. Like, Karate Champ long time. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you all if it happens!


Since the 22nd is a Friday, I’ll definitely be having something. Though I don’t want to step on your toes if you had something special planned, Zal.


Either way man. You do have wind jammers. But I would also like to host an event. We’ll see. There will be games either way


Don’t know if you guys saw, but we where on the news. shoutouts to Jimmy for bodying Nicole Brady.