New Mexico, ABQ

Easily the best one:


Also why is there a pic of a random dude’s crotch?

why not? this is NMISM BAYBEE!

It was more interesting than Tekken finals, that’s why!

Well you being more interested in dicks than games isn’t really surprising lol.

Speaking of dicks…Pat, I tried to call you last night and today and I only get a message that you can’t be located so I guess give me a call if you see this.

enough trolling on tekken, it may not be the most entertaining game to watch but it’s certainly is a lot more fun to play. least there is more movement then foward and back… jump…

All jokes aside, I respect the history that Tekken has in our community. I just never got into it, for a number of reasons, which I don’t need to go into here. I have no problem with the game, and I troll Tekken about as hard as I did MvC3. It’s not hate, it’s all in good fun. No need for butthurt.

Wait…did Quasimoto just get trolled?

This is like Trollception.

ranbats on Thurs…well, see you all NEXT season i guess. :tdown: also on X-box isn’t there issues w/ disconnecting and re-connecting controllers? Why can’t we do something like Fri/Sat?

Xbox only issue is red ring. I highly doubt it would happen as long as we use the new models.
As for the day. There are several issues with that. A) GA already has events on Friday and Saturday. B) we don’t want other things people do on the weekend to interfere and pi has his events on saturdays and I don’t want to have to schedule ran bats around bigger events.

Is there literally no way schedules can be changed by next year to accommodate ran bats?

I thought the original idea behind a Sunday ranbats was that hardly anyone has shit to do on Sunday. We always had a decent turnout for that. Thursday, and just about any weekday, is probably a bad call.

Pi’s events are 1 day that you’d have to make an exception for. I think this is REALLY poor planning for the day, not bashing, but dude, most of the world works that day. If the venue selected can only support that day, then perhaps it’s not the best venue…


Poor planning? Really?

No matter what day its on people will have a problem with it. Thursday seemed to be the day with the least conflict. And as I said before our venue has events on Friday and Saturday.

Then your venue sucks, have fun on thursdays y’all!!!

It’s not just a venue issue. And do you have any ideas for a venue with the same accommodations? They are providing us with monitors, an internet connection, staying open late for us, and they’ll help us advertise. Not to mention they will be doing all of this free of charge. I take issue with you talking shit about our venue. They are willing to do tons for us. It’s fine if you can’t make it. But its not cool to talk shit when you haven’t done anything to get things going yourself.

He’s upset that he won’t be able to attend, which is totally understandable. Most people do work on Thursday, but most people don’t work Thursday night, so I don’t really see THAT point of the argument. Regardless, you can’t please everybody, and Thursday seems manageable enough.

yep, i’m just salty, sounds like y’all got a good thing going, don’t mind me

looks at the current discussion

All I know is that Vergil is the shit.

Poison stick is finally operable, thanks to Pat! Get ready for that pink beatdown, kids!

anyone down for some hybrid tom night?

is down