New Mexico, ABQ

aight i hit u up


I’m down as well!


FYI no games at my house this friday, it’s gonna be black and i’m gonna be tired from eating/drinking the night before

have a good THXgiving erryone!

I’m down for games tonight too, if they’re still going on.

Well if Zal isn’t hosting I could do something at my house if people want.

Would everyone want something starting earlier in the afternoon (3-4ish) or at the normal time (630-7ish)? Would anyone actually show? Let me know…if enough people are interested I’ll post something tomorrow w/times.

I was thinking KOF/Mahvel $1 tournies and also casuals for SF/TTT HD.

I’ll give you a call when something starts up.

By the by, we’re having a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat tomorrow (Wed.), my place at around 4:00 PM. We’ll have plenty of food, and we can have a couple more people over. There will be games, so anybody interested, let me know.

I’m down for either time on Friday!

I REALLY, Hope I get added to the list of modders on srk…

well Friday’s my birthday so ill be busy during most of the day so the normal time would work best for me

Where’z MY HD NAMco111111111 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


XFREENA! Make him a cake eight months from now! :smiley:

err i’m still for some casuals if you are… fucking NAMco or ups or whoever the fuck

I’m still down for Friday!

So since Zals ranbats are gonna exclude half the people with a weekday event that really mostly accomodates a select few. I wanna talk to Dylan have a seperate ranbats at his house at the normal time of Friday’s I’m also down for Sunday like Eric mentioned it worked nicely before.

I have no problem running the friday or Sunday event, I will not be working so much anymore at all.

If anybody as any input we can discuss it ALL here were EVERYBODY has a voice.

For us who do work and have family Thursday is just plane fucking stupid sorry if the weekend is messing with your partying schedule but I still wanna be involved and a lot of us who do can’t make your meetings or your weekday event. Why do you think Pi has his events on the weekend fucking think about it. Seriously think about it and to cancel a ranbat for a tournie is something we’ve done plenty.

I also do not believe in meetings unless it’s a major for ranbats all can be discussed on the forums so everything is transparent and can be argued with everybody.

I wanna start sooner then later so let’s discuss.

I don’t see 2 ranbats going on at the same time as a problem just more games to be played.

I also believe xbox to be a bad choice for the fact that it’s such a HUGE pain to switch out contollers with the whole having to be signed in fucks it all up and will make the tournies longer.

I talked to my boss and it seems when I am going back to work in January I’ll be going back to my old schedule so I wouldn’t be able to go to the Thursday event as well, as I’ll have to be at work at 7am Friday. I’d be down to host something at my house Fridays as well. I already would be doing so anyway so the all that would change would we’d call it a Ranbats instead of a Friday.

As far as Xbox, I don’t know enough to say which console is better so I’ll go with whatever the majority wants.

FOR THIS FRIDAY: Thinking of adding a $1 TTT HD tourney as well, but it’d have to start earlier (around 5:30-6). Would people be interested in that?

I’m super down for games on Friday. I’ll just show when I’m off work (in the evening, after 8).

I vote Sunday ranbats.

Sunday I’m unsure on my ability to host consistently. My roommate sleeps during the day when he has work that night, so I’m not sure if that’d work out for me hosting. Depends what his schedule is next year. I’d have no problem attending a Sunday thing though.

Regarding the Xbox controller issue: If you unplug a controller and plug in a different one it works fine. It can be difficult for other things (ie if you want to unplug one controller and only have one), but for the tournament setting its 100% fine.