New Mexico, ABQ

i’m personally for Friday ranbats as Friday and Saturday are the only days I have off. The rest of the week I don’t get out till 11:00PM.

$1 TTT tourney this Friday??? I’m in!!!

We’ve got a LOT of food over here. Anybody want to get some eats and games:


f u namco i want my hd already

You’ve said that over and over but it’s about everybody not just you.

no one is talking to you

alrighty, so pat and i just had a good little discussion.

frankly there is not one night that works for everyone. It will never happen.
We have a few options regarding the mattter, i want as many people as possible to be able to make our events.

We could have two seasons at the same time, maybe even every week with alternating days (probably sunday and thursday). We could run two leagues, one focused on professionalism and the other a more laid back friday night at dylan’s approach.

I know there are issues with thursday, but there are issues with EVERY day of the week. It wasn’t even my idea to do a weekday ran bats, but i thought it was a good one. Obviously if half the scene can’t make it that night than it would clearly be a bad decision, I don’t know how many can make it that night, but that’s something we’ll sort out when we release the ranbats survey.

As for the Xbox, that is definitely staying. It’s cheaper and actually easier to swap out controllers on, no need to sign in, no need to assign controller numbers. We need to have dedicated ran bats consoles, the old seasons suffered from people promising their consoles, then forgetting or not showing up.

the only thing i don’t know is how to approach is how to have one points system without making it so that those who can’t come out every week won’t get more points than those who can only come every other week.

everyone seemed to make it friday nights… why no keep it that day?

go caps

i already told you about the venue issues on fridays. Maybe if people can show up on time i could try to get SGA for fridays, but i’m not sure they’ll want to have events going on at two different stores on fridays, especially an event where they have to stay open later.
when was the last time you made it friday? like a month ago? and you’re wrong, ever since ranbats has ended we went from 15-20 entrants weekly, to 6-12. That is a serious drop off. We don’t even run more than one game a week anymore, people don’t seem to give a shit at casuals.

i’m not sure about you, but i really want to have this be a professionally run series. At SGA we’ll be better exposed, better equipped, have more potential to get better prizes and hopefully construct a scene that certain locals don’t brush off as small time, maybe even help the best players here compete on the national stage. NM used to have a nationally competitive 3D scene and we have all the pieces to do that again with 2D. We just need direction.

The single game thing is very recent. I never had an issue running 2-3 games with 10-20 people per, even when entry was $5.

Speaking of games at my house…let’s do three games there this Friday.

Casuals will start around 5PM for those that want fun games, and continue the rest of the night.

TTT will start at 5:30PM, will be $1, and PS3 (since that’s the only console it’s on). I don’t have a copy of Hybrid yet, so Tekken people should bring copies if they want to play. Hopefully they arrive in the mail soon!

KOF will start at 6:30PM (or when Tekken finishes), be $1, and probably be all PS3. I’ll only have one copy, so if someone can bring another that’d be great.

UMVC3 will start at 8PM, be $1, and probably be all PS3. Again I’ll only have one copy of it so if someone can bring an extra that’d help a lot.

I’ll have my PS3 available for the tourney, but I have two other open SDTVs. If anyone wants to bring an extra console for tourney or casual use, that’d be awesome. I’ll also have room for a full setup on the bar as well.

And of course the MVS will be running, and will have Samurai Showdown 2 added to it as well!

For those that haven’t been to my house, my address is 2516 Landman Dr NE, 87112. Google Map

If anyone has any questions or needs extra directions, give me a call at 977-3177.

Hope to see everyone there!

It’s not that it couldn’t be done. It just would take till one or two in the morning. There is only room for three or four setups at any of our houses. And let’s be honest. Attendance has been low no matter who’s house we have it at. The one dollar thing was to get more people to enter things and that hasn’t really.worked out too well. We some times have good tournaments, most weeks they are ok.

I was kind of hoping we’d be able to have two events a week. One casual one tournament. Or at least casuals every week and a tournament every other week.

Well like I said, I won’t be able to make it. So I have no real input to give on Thursday stuff.

yeah more gaming events the better i guess… i don’t really care i just wanna play tekken

So is anyone thinking about going to SoCal Regionals or am I on my own?

How are you going? If I go, i have a place to stay out in LA, which is about an hour from the venue, but its free.

Well the reason I asked is because I was supposed to ride with BurnYourBra up to SoCal, but she decided to go by train which assed me out of a ride. So now i’m trying to get there, and wanted to know if anyone else was going so I could bum a ride.

I work in Santa Fe from 2-830, so I should be there around 10. :slight_smile: …with banana bread, geeze!!


Anyone playing KOF?

Will be at my house in a bit. I’ll let you know so you can come practice with us pre-tourney if you want.

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