New Mexico?


Going to be visiting NM for holidays and I was wondering were I could find some competition. Any help would be appreciated.


What part of New Mexico?


all i know is if you’re planning on hitting up Las Cruses they got some decent compitition in MVC2, but the damage is high, they also got some comp going for them in Soul Calibur 2 and about 2 ppl play some good Tekken 4, at the Mesisia(am i right???) Valley Mall at the tilt


Albuquerque, NM (I think thats how you spell It). :confused:


well there used to be a albuquerque thread but i don’t know what happened to hit, someone was looking for comp in that area as well.


Yeah, it was called “Any New Mexico Players?” Problem is that there were two, one in pac-south, and one in southwest. For some reason the one in southwest was deleted.
The one in pac-south is still there.
You might also want to check out this thread:

I think the main albukkake players that post are Aneke_Masamune and Ishtar.
You might want to PM them.


you mean Mesilla, urr urrr urrr


Yeah… I deleted my Albuquerque thread because I was off SRK for a while… I thought I’d be off for a lot longer than I was. shrugs Anyway… Ishtar’s the only comp here. I play, but not well enough to be considered comp. :lol: Anyway… pm Ishtar and he’ll probably be game. Later.


Well on January 4, i might be hitting up Albuquerque for a DDR tournament, the thing is i think it’s gonna be located at someplace called the Hinkle or something like that but the location has’nt been confirmened yet, but the date has:confused:, but anyways since i don’t have a car if my friend decides to go to the tournament then i’ll DEFINITALY let you know. But we’ll see in time.



Thanks for the info guys. I guess I should have mentioned that I play just about every fighter with the exception of MVC2 and Tekken.


Ah… the Hinkle Family Fun Center. I haven’t played there since my MK3 days. That’s another arcade in town I need to check out again… it’s just so far from my house… oh well… maybe the gods love me and they will have CvS2.


oh yeah…the lovely feeling of having a gameroom 5 minutes away from you house is 1337.:smiley:


Shut up, Vinny. :bluu:

My living room to my house will be a gameroom, dammit. I’m getting a DC and a mas stick and it WILL be a gameroom!!! Dammit. Stupid NM with bad arcades. They all have DDR, but do they have CvS2? No!


forget about CvS2…it’s all about 3S.:cool:

btw, is your yahoo messenger working? i can’t log on!:frowning: :mad: :fury::bluu:


Yeah yeah yeah… 3S is cool, but I never get to play it! I’ll get a DC soon and then I’ll probably like it better than CvS2, but for now, CvS2 is my game. And that reminds me… whenever I do get a decent set up at my place, I’ll start another Albuquerque thread.

And since I wasn’t online, Vinny… I dunno if my messenger was working or not. lol It’s working now… :smiley:


Aneke_Masamune: hey, if you read this (and are interested) i will be in alberquqe on the 3rd and the 4th. But since i’m goin to be hitting up alber w/ my friend and his father i don’t know anything about friday but on saturday i will be at the hinkle so if you like to play (and if they got any games t play as a matter of fact) i’ll be down. And just so you’ll reconize me, i’ll be wearing either a dragon shirt or a B5 shoryuken shirt (it also has a dragon on the back) i also have long hair and look like kid rock (or curt kobain :confused: )

See ya sat!!!


Or Jay from Jay and Silent Bob (fernie)…:lol:


hey. well thats cool that someone’s coming to visit. but yeah this town is dried up as hell when it comes to comp. There must be 2 people in this town who play street fighter and have internet access. Even in the rare event that someone is playing a 2d fighter at an arcade here the’re average at best. The hinkle is pretty swilly. most of the games are only a nickle but there’s a $2 cover and the machines are horribley maintained. LAst time I was there they had an alpha3 machine but the joysticks were thrashed. Maybe I’ll try and stop by though. If you want to get together later pm me.


uhhhh sorry about not being able to going to alburque because the tournament was postponed till next weekend so sorry is one if you guys went there but it should be this weekend, but in i should be able to let you know on friday


I’m moving into my new place next weekend, but I’ll drop by if I can get away. Don’t expect comp, though. lol I’m willing to get my ass kicked for the fun of it anyway.