New Mike Z/Thongboy GGXX:AC combo videos!


– The Videos –

Two videos made from the *same content *(Guilty Gear Accent Core Potemkin combos) and the *same concept *(Megaman). It’s combo video history!

Thongboy’s edit, the world’s first combo video with an ending, is on youtube.
[edit] Okusenman, the Japanese video his parodies, and with subtitles.

The final release version is now on! World’s first black-and-white combo video, and my first shot at not having title cards. Based on Megaman IV for Gameboy, and the Megaman lifebars are accurate.

Watch both, they are unique experiences!

Mike Z


awesome job mike


drama makes it that much more intresting. Anyway yea deffintly different and neat.


I like Mike Z’s better.

Thongboy’s is good but the song is way beyond retarded. Some music should remain instrumental.


The song is funny as hell, I love it personally.



This is the video.


Hahaha, amazing. Potemkin is the shit.


Bump(?) I thought a video like this would get more replies. (lol)