New Mini Byrdo Stik

Greetings Everyone,

Here’s a recent custom I did. It’s one of my “mini” style stiks. I’ve got a few more that I’ll add to this thread once they’re completed. Anyway, I think it turned pretty slick.

Mini Maya


looks good as usual !

how do you make the paint look like plastic ?? like how you have it on this one…is there a guide or something ??

Awesome stick. If you ever get the time you should write up some guides for us with lesser skills :).

that Roberto is very very cool, I like where you have sanded the front parts into a curve.

awesome stick. very professional.

hey byrdo, If you dont mind me asking what paper do you print on and what printer do you have? your art always looks so bright and crisp.

is it me or are the buttons spaced out a lot?

other than that its nice

The buttons are 24mm, consider how cramped your hand would be if they were spaced the same as regular buttons. Basically I spaced the smaller buttons more so that when you play on them the positioning feels the same as the standard size.

As for the other questions: printer Canon ip6000d, paper epson heavyweight photo. As for the smooth paint finish, that just comes from a lot of sanding and coats, there’s no real shortcuts there. I don’t know of any guides for paint finishes, the more you do it the more you sort of get a ‘feel’ for it. I’m sure there’s some guides already out there though.

Tenjo Tenge ownage. The stick looks hawt as usual- I dont see too many mini sticks with the 24mm buttons very original as usual mahn.

Quick question tho- don’t the buttons secure the lexan down enough so that you don’t have to use screws? I mean it seems small enough that it would be secure without screws right?

It wouldn’t need screws if the buttons were screw-ins because those have more than enough clamping power, but these are the snap-ins. For some reason, sanwa doesn’t seem to make 24mm white screw-ins. For technical reasons I just don’t trust the strength of snap-ins to hold the panel down tight for the long term, so I put screws for added security.

byrdo makes some damn good sticks.

byrdo= one of the many masters of Joystick artistry.

good stuff byrdo now get into tekken so you can come to one of our gatherings. Theres a new guy here thats good at tekken as well

How do we compete with that? Its back to the drawing board for me.

Good stuff.

Ah, I’m used to normal spacing, hehe. The spacing might only bother people for MvC2 (depending who you play and if you ‘claw’ or ‘slide’.


And another one…mini style


Very nice.
You always have such good lighting, is that natural light, or a flash?

Patience. :slight_smile:

If you’re an impatient bastard like me, and think 2 coats of paint are “good enough”, they never turn out looking good (I don’t care what the sticks I make for myself look like - I’d only start to care if I wanted to sell them, which I don’t). Finishes like that one require lots of thin coats and very fine sanding in between.

It’s not hard to get a perfect plastic-(or even metal)-like finish from paint. It just takes a lot of time and patience. Plus you can do neat things like use different colours on different layers to give it all sorts of different effects and shadings.

Google around, and you’ll find heaps of guides online. A lot of them deal with spray painting cars, but the theory is identical.

Exactly as stated above…it just takes patience to get a good finish. About the lighting, I use natural rather than a flash.