New Mini Darkside Stik

In my opinion this is definitely one of my best. The joystick is a sanwa flash and the buttons are 24mm sanwas. Its also VERY compact due to the smaller size & buttons. The whole stick turned out beautifully. The case is made of oak and I also cut the dust cover into an octagon to better match the angled design of the stik. The top and bottom edges are chamfered all the way around and the case is completely seamless.

Mini Baiken
another view

that is top draw i dont know how you do it, i’ ve yet to even attempt one(gonna start one soon) if i could achive a quality close to that and your other sticks i would be happy, absolutely ace :smiley:











Seriously that’s supremely awesome. Great choice in artwork too. :tup:

great work man. a question tho, have you considered drilling a hole for the cord? that way the stick can actually lay flat on a surface.

Your sticks are pleasing to the eye but in terms of actual performance I would want something bigger. That thing is too small.

While my big ass hands would certainly drawf that stick, its still beautiful. I thought you were being conceited were you first mentioned being an artist Darkside, but your sticks have shown a lot of aesthetic talent, even if the artwork portion isn’t your own.
Woodworking looks top notch; You gonna try using dove-tails or hidden dove tail joints in any future sticks? I still hate screws over the the plexi when carriage bolts look and feel smoother. The dust cover add a nice personal tweak to the stick, looks very clealy cut. Have you looked into getting one of the smaller ball tops? The current ball really dwarfs the whole stick, and a smaller ball would make the whole perspective match your other simliar sticks.

Edit: Wait a sec, it IS a smaller balltop? I cant really tell from the pics; did you already grab a smaller balltop?

damn son dat shit’s hot!

Nice work. Very oriental, but so modern at the same time.

It’s sexy!
But playing on it would seem akward with 24mm buttons.

Thats freaking awesome, I like Baiken alot.

very nice, and i can now see how you cut your wood to make that shape. i do mine a little more simply. don’t worry about it being too small, just playing on such a dinky little thing would be a luagh and it looks great to boot!

Excellent work Byrdo :tup: Id like one of those, but Im scared to ask how much it would cost. Youre the Jacob of the stick world!!

Really like the Yoshi stick too!

I’ll try to answer what I can. The stik sits perfectly flush, since the bottom is chamfered it looks like its on the cord but it really isnt. I would seem awkward to play on the smaller buttons but it really isn’t, I spent a good deal of time on the layout spacing to sort of “emulate” the feel of regular sized buttons. My hands are average sized and I can play on it perfectly fine, but if you have large hands then I could see the obvious problem. The ball top is regular sized, I have a mini white balltop for it but I wanted to use the regular size to give you a better idea of its size. About using dovetail hinges, I might in the future since I like to experiment with new methods, aside from the top panel there are no screws, it’s put together from the inside. The reason I don’t use carriage bolts is because I haven’t seen any as small as those screws in stainless steel, otherwise over time they’ll end up turning grayish brown so I like to use these. I originally started drawing the artwork for this one but once the case was completed I wanted to assemble everything that way I could move on to some other stiks I have “in waiting” so I opted to photoshop the image, rather than rushing my original design.

God damn it, darkside! Every time I think I’m getting better with my stick designs, you go and do something like this and completely blow me the fuck away. At this point, all I’m doing is chasing your shadow…

Superb work. As was mentioned, the only thing I can see that would make it even more spectacular is if you used a router to dove-tail the joints. As it is, though, I see no screws, anyway. Again, great stuff. I feel both motivated and defeated just looking at it and wondering if I could ever replicate something with so much raw style.

Very nice. I wish I had a decent table saw (more like a decent fence, but the table saw probably doesn’t do bevel cuts well anyhow).

I think the idea of using 24mm sanwa is really great and innovative. Some say they may be too small. But you don’t hear them complain about the size of Happ competition pushbuttons which are probably about the same size.

yeah that is a super awesome stick… i made one mai self from oak and it is quite nice and i love how u cut the dust cover to become conhesive with the design of the stick…2 thumbs up man

I believe that is your finest stick EVER!!! PERIOD!!! Reminds me of Vince Carters first dunk in the dunk contest, the reverse windmill that you’d just never seen before? The oak with that dark finish is absolutely awesome.

I’ve bought 3 sticks from you already, and they just keep getting better which means I may put yet another order in down the line. Your stuff is amazing Byrdo.

Hope you can make it up to the May 28 tourney and bring a couple sticks up with you. Perhaps some inventory you’d like to sell. KrayzieCD was wanting to really buy your New Ditty last time at any price, and there’ll be a TON of out of staters bringing some major cash for the tourney, so maybe you could deliver on the spot!!! Just an idea man. I’m going to try and dump the first two sticks you made for me at that tourney, but I’m going to try and put a new graphic on them that doesn’t have Seneca_22 on them. We’ll see, cuz I’d have to come up with that on my own this time.

Again, great stuff Byrdo, I don’t know how you continue to top yourself.

Damn, that stick seems too good. Nice work :tup:

Baiken! <3

darkside - can you please post a picture of the inside of your stick, i’m very interested to see. my guts suck