New mini MAS Systems joystick

I just received my new mini size MAS Systems joystick. I should have some pictures of it online for everyone to see (and purchase), along with a side by side comparison between their new stick and their regular stick. So far after using it for both PS2 and Xbox (on Xbox live) the joystick is very solid. I am using the 8 button version that has the Street Fighter layout, and it looks and feels great. I’ll post the link to the pictures here tomorrow afternoon. :karate:

Excellent Im interested in seeing their new version.

I just played about 35 matches on Xbox live with it and I must say Im very surprised. I thought it wouldn’t be as “sturdy” since its smaller and lighter than their regular controller, but I actually find myself pulling out combos that I can’t do as well on the other controller. I can’t wait to get these pictures online. This might be the new controller to get!

Do they still do 360’s? or do they period with the new FF?

They offer a P360 on it if you want at the same price as it would be on their larger unit. The large one I own has a P360 on it, but this one has a competition joystick with convex buttons and it just feels great. I set this thing on a table in front of me while I play and it just feels right. I’m not quite sure how to explain it. I’m gonna try in a bit to hook this up and play some MAME SF games and see how that goes. You can get these controllers for just about any system too.

pics plz

They are coming shortly. I’m trying to find somewhere in the office to take a picture of these to where it won’t look stupid.

i look forward to these pictures…

Same here. You should have just said fuck the aesthetic of it and taken the pictures, haha.


Ok, I’ve finally got a picture comparison between their new mini Super Nova joystick and their regular sized controller. You can view the picture on the Alpha Electronics website. Here is the link.

I’ll be adding these to the website shortly, and you can customize this controller however you want it just like their other controllers! :clap:

Is it cheaper tho?

I want to know too. I need a new joystick and I was happy as fuck with my mas stick for like 3 years…

I will find out shortly on pricing. Thats why I havent uploaded it to my site. I think that in the end it will be a bit cheaper due to shipping costs. Its a bit lighter. It performs great though. I really thought that the smaller size would make it lose its appeal but I am happy to say I was way wrong. I might have a special on this in a week or so just to get things kicked off. We’ll see how the demand comes along.

I’ve got a couple of other pictures that I’m uploading here shortly. It’ll show the side profiles of both controllers. Are there any shots you guys wanna see in particular?

I want one of those minis. How much and can I order it now and pick up in person like we did last time

Also I heard they don’t do P360s and Xbox converters they use now are different then the ones from before. Is that true

Yea, I can meet up with you like last time and deliver it to you. I haven’t gotten a spare moment to upload these new pictures and add the product to my site, but I should have them up shortly. They do come with the option to buy a P360 or and Xbox converter. I’m actually using the converter they sell with the controller right now and it works great. If you’re looking for a PC and PS2 version, I can sell you the one I received here last week. I’ve tested it out and everything is working great. Let me know.

I wanna order a Xbox/PS2/DC one with 360. HOw much?

^^ Word to the wise, last I checked, MAS wasn’t doing anything to step up the PS2’s voltage for the 360. They go ahead and feed it 3.2v.

That isn’t proper. Maybe you can get by with it like that for a while. But it optical joysticks want 5v, and the PS2 won’t give it without help.

BTW, I’m trying to get rid of a MAS PCB of mine. PS2\DC\PC with Xbox adaptor. Fully wired too. No SRKer has made an offer yet… with good reason.