New mixup?



Crumple -> dash forward -> walk forward -> light kick -> dash forward (crossup) -> B&B


Crumple -> dash forward -> pause -> light kick -> dash forward (no crossup) -> B&B

not sure if people use this but thats a shenanigan that i use


yeah dude… watch my video. at 3:44



weird… double post


Wasn’t using this but I will now…


this is a pretty old trick. if you notice in the evo 5on5, djb13 did the exact same trick using cammy(waiting til the opponent is falling down from crumple, then hitting him with low dive kick, crossunder, combo.) The problem with sak’s version, is that its incredibly obvious what is going on. theres no real mixup here. it only works once on someone that has never seen it. thats about it.

i do have some new dirty tricks with sakura that im holding out with til project blocks, next month. we’ll see how well they work, before i discuss em


Sweet, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


while i agree with you being much more obvious than cammys… there is always the mixup of delaying the dash under, so that you dont dash under. thats the only reason i use it. once they see me do the dash under the first time… theyll expect it the second time, except ill fake the dash under and resume on the same side.



And I usually save the dash-under for last so that my opponent least expects it. Before hand, I might grab or force another block string combo before I try to start dashing under oppoents when I connect EX Tatsu. This is also usually safe against DP mashers.


when is that event, i’d love to watch it if its being streamed. im always excited to see new sakura strats


I dunno man. Its one of her most unreliable mixups. If you delay the dash anymore to stay on the front, you are wide open toget dp’d or thrown since you are still in dash animation. You barely recover as it is when you jab the opponent then immediately dash under. Its not a good mixup. Either way, only situation where doing the mixup makes any sense is when you do a large combo that leads to a dizzy. And in that case, you’re better off just launching them for a more reliable reset, or getting a free knockdown to start a vortex.

Collen. Feb 27th I think it is. On a saturday


awesome thanks sabre, and i agree with sabre, at high level playing its not going to be that successful your going to be giving up damage that you could have gotten, i wouldnt use it more than once in a tournament, same with the corner crumple mix up i came up with, its to easy to see


if one of them isnt a 2nd frame setup, then gtfo! :lol: