New MMO: Rift

pretty sure he wasn’t complaining. i specifically asked for some negatives of the game from beta testers in my op because all i’ve been hearing are good things like how the game is polished, fun, etc.

ok so he wasn’t complaining, so switch complaining in the previous post to negatives and it still holds true…

Then maybe you shouldn’t be playing Rift.

what’s the word on the racial abilities? rumor has that they are reworking the racial abilities. there’s a leak on the new racials but they sound stupid.

Its the mindset like yours that games suck nowadays. If you just accept them for what they are, developers don’t feel the need to evolve their games. Thats why CODs can come out every year and WoW is king. People would rather stay in their little bubbles and block out innovative and original ideas. Rift is taking the risk free approach by following the mold very closely and adding subtle differences. Lets hope they succeed.

invites for beta 6 have been sent out. if you’ve pre-ordered or are already in the beta, go update/download/patch. beta 6 starts friday 10 am pacific time.

All I know is that Kelari’s make the best Warriors/Rouges because they have that ability that lets them get 100% crit chance.

looks cool. ill follow this.

From their awesome devs

lol, I’m honestly contemplating whether or not I’m spending 50 bucks for some TF2 items, cuz as a burned-out WoW player, I don’t think I’ll stick with RIFT.


Why play any other MMO besides WoW? I quit some time ago but that is the only mmo I’ve ever found to be even worth playing. They are all a time sink but wow is the least time sink and most fun.

Most fun really depends on how much friends you are playing with.
At least to me.

:rofl: yes my mentality is why video games suck…if only we could go back to the NES days when every single game was amazing and innovative and rainbows and unicorns were everywhere.

I actually started playing it this weekend. So far, at lv 8 (Rogue: Riftstalker/Bladedancer/Assassin), I think that trying to do three trees so early is really pushing it. I was expecting alternate tree advancement to really be an end-game thing. Still, you get a lot of choices, and choice is what makes a good game great. the whole rift quest/war thing was kinda confusing to me. Admittedly, it got less annoying as I understood it more, but still, I’d rather not have so much thrown at me at once. I really feel for a first time MMO player (do they even exist still?) in this game.

so i also played rift over the weekend for beta 5. it’s a pretty solid game like most people have said. i agree with the comment about the quests being mundane: kill x number of monsters, collect x number of items. fortunately the invasions and rift openings switch things up. pvp and warfronts were fun too. the game is still fun and like manx said, the options for different souls give rift a good play value. i played a necro/lock and a rogue melee. open beta starts next week.

One thing I dislike about WoW was something I called “ability bloat”; Blizzard’s mentality was “give everyone so many spells that they barely have enough hotbar slots for their abilities, macros, trinkets, potions, etc.” and that rubbed me the wrong way. Does Rift do this?

Dr. B has more abilites than a WoW Shammy. <-- Don’t knock it: that’s impressive.

Skill trees are weak sauce. DDO mechanic keeps it gangster AKA too hard for the scrub like.

i never played WoW so i’m not sure how to compare rift with it. i will say rift gives you a shit ton abilities and skills, but rift also gives you lots of hot bars to manage them. of course, my definition of “lots of hot bars” might not be enough.

Coolies: thanks for the info! :china: May Dr. B bless you with sperm the size of Jupiter.

i forgot to ask this earlier: in most of these new mmo’s, you have the option to vote for loot with the options of need, greed, and pass. what’s the difference between need and greed? and when should i use need vs. greed option?