New Monday Tournament in Long Beach / Signal Hill, CA - Power Mondays

Hey everyone! Come check us out at Power Mondays, a new SFV local for tournament/casual play in Long Beach / Signal Hill in SoCal, presented by Dropkick Events!

If you’re looking for someplace to practice SFV and meet some cool people, come by Power 9 on Mondays and join us.

Where: Power 9 Games,
2633 E 28th St #618, Signal Hill, CA 90755

**Every Monday, casuals start at 6:00pm, tournament starts @ 8:00pm

$5 Venue (access to casuals all night), $5 to enter the Tournament.

All ages welcome, outside food and drink are allowed.

Come and join us every Monday!

Facebook Page:


Dropkick Discord:

I really wanted to check this out, but unfortunately I don’t have mondays free, hope it lasts and I can get one free one day

I play MTG here sometimes, the venue is spacious, and there is a crazy amount of parking.

There isn’t much food directly in the area, as the two closest places to eat close incredibly early, but there is a pretty large outdoor mall about half a mile away with a bunch of places to eat.

Hope this keeps going even though I’m not really interested in playing SFV anymore, when Rev2 drops any thoughts about adding Xrd?

Some of our PS4 setups do have a bunch of fighting games on them, including Guilty Gear and KOF, so if you want to come and play those games it should be easy to find someone to play with.

Otherwise, we’re still going strong on Mondays if you guys want to come out tomorrow!