New more damaging bnb after hammer or s

I´ve tried in the training room the standard bnb of dante after the s or hammer confirm because the cold shower and clay pigeon scale the combo very hard when you start th combo with it and it works but its a tuff timing and in the beginning hard to do but gives you very good damage 100k+ damage altleast and when you leave cold shower out the combo and use as many assist possible you will get 750k + damage. Some combo excamples are in the video under here hope it helps.


where’s the transcript?

do you mean the inputs ?

I wouldn’t mind seeing the inputs as well. I tried doing Volcano into j.M, j.H, Killer Bee, then Clay Pigeon into Prop Shredder and the character flips out at the Prop Shredder part. The only difference between this and the video that I could see would be after the jump cancel from Volcano. Are you doing j.M, j.H, or j.L, j.H or something else?

iam doing j.M, j.H you must do the volcano immediatly after the killer bee hits and you have to get used to the timing its a little bit different from the standard bnb and gives you way more damage

Doesn’t the Volcano occur before the Killer Bee? I’m a little confused as to what you mean.

edit: I think my problem may be that I’m doing too many Clay Pigeon shots, pushing hitstun deterioration a little too far.

sorry I meant the hammer at the beginning of the combo i always forget the names of the moves(way to many ^^).
yeah you´re right when you do to many hits with clay pigeon the char will fall out

This is not really new though, it was in like my first UMvC3 combo video and has been the optimal BnB after hammer/J.S since vanilla. People are really lazy though, and sometimes, you autopilot that cold shower and lose on a lot of damage(happens sometimes to me too).

Also, getting prop shredder to connect after a hammer means you have to do it as fast as possible otherwise the hitstun timer fucks it up.

The most consistent thing I’ve found is J.S>Volcano>J.M>J.H>Killer Bee>(44S>Charge Shots)x N> Stinger>Hammer>J.S>Killer Bee>Volcano Beehive