New Mortal Kombat game is Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

I have a thread in the fighting game forum, but since this directly affects YOU, I figured you might want to know about it.

Only thing up right now is the promo shot, trailer and more should be coming soon. Supposedly less emphasis on blood and no fatalities. Game should be pretty dark though.



prep-time batman>*

the ninjas have no hope.

if they put th flash in ill lol.

PC supes> everyone high tier in fighters

LOL first Mortal Kombat I play since part 3. :rofl:

I just hope that it’s better than Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects. That’s all I ask…

Hmm, can’t think of any MK vs. DC matchups that I’d like to see… Ah well hopefully we’ll at the very least have a decent DC fighter on our hands. Don’t have high hopes at the moment though but you never know…

preptime batman will bring a bucket full of water against Subby

This is a joke right? RIGHT?

OMG…it’s actually true:shake:

MARVEL NEMESIS 4 EVO:rock::rock::rock:

We all know this game will be pure epic fail AKA the same lame 3d mk game we been getting for the past few years with a few dc characters thrown in as the gimmick. At best this game will be mildly entertaining for the first 5seconds when you see kabal and supes on the screen at the same time.

A lot of people are objecting to this on grounds that DC’s characters hopelessly overpower MK’s characters. This is obviously not a real problem, since it’s a crossover between two universes and they can make the rules however the fuck they want.

What I do find objectionable is that the spirit of some of DC’s characters, even the darker ones, is morally incompatible with the spirit of Mortal Kombat. Their mythologies simply don’t mix. MK is steeped in violence, bloodshed, and gratuitous killing… DC, not so much.

If Superman starts dishing out fatalities, I might actually have to write my first ever angry fanboy letter to DC Comics. You don’t shit on a cultural icon like that.

The argument that DC overpowers MK characters is really moot, do you really think Jill Valentine could punch the Hulk and do damage? :rofl:

LP LP f LK FP with Superboy-prime and he will punch the reality barier and will make this a good a good game…
NAH even he cant do this

Well, supposedly there will be finishing moves, but not fatalities. So maybe you’ll see Superman freeze someone or something like that. They want this game to be rated T. But at the same time, they want to make the game dark.

For those that haven’t seen it, here’s the official site, with the teaser trailer.


It seems like a joke at this point. I can’t picture MK without ridiculously gratuitous blood being spilled, let alone throwing DC characters into the mix.

lol no fatalities in mortal kombat. lol sooo fucked up.

On the plus side the last MK game, least I think it was the last one - had a create a fighter mode and some people made Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, etc. Now if they have that again and they allow you to use characters you created online we can FINALLY have some Marvel vs. DC matches. Man I’m turning Scorpion into Spider-Man and making that thing he grabs people with look like a spider web. “GET OVER HERE JJ, TIME FOR YOUR CPR KISS!” :rofl:

Well look at what they did in the JLU cartoons, they completly disorted the DC mythos with the inclusion of Hawkgirl and John stewart for the sole purpose of"affirmative action" or some bs and as a result they ruined the green lanter character and the shows integrity. If ur worred about certain lagacies being ruined…will its a little to late.

For Christ’s sake, shut the fuck up about this already.

Yes Rik, please stop now. This is your only mod warning. We’ve heard it all before. And so far only Superman and Batman have been confirmed on the DC side besides. When John and Hawkgirl are confirmed for this game, feel free to pick this this subject up again, or not… Ah, the thread in the Fighting Game forum’s still game though. :rofl:

Look I wasn’t looking to start up shit, goodmorning was simply talking about ruined legacies so i thought I’d remind everyone that it happened several times in the past already. However your right, I wont make mention of this again since its a dead issue…sorry if i pissed anyone off.

Yeah it’s cool. No hate or anything. :smile: