NEW MOVE (King Guy Super) KGS

Motions are D,DF,F,D,DF,F+2k, immediately after press punch. You need 4bars to do it. Those with better video setup feel free to post a clearer video


[media=youtube]93zlSu8Ajvc(KGS[/media] connecting as anti air)

[media=youtube]UVNaK3_trJE(marginally[/media] better video quality)

It has many applications meaty pokes,fireballs etc i like it best as an anti air.

Hate to say it but we are already aware of all of Guy’s Armour Cancel.

EX Bushin Flip, Super, Ultra

So you really can’t name it.

It was discovered weeks ago.

weeks ago? armor cancels were known since sf4.

I know smash guys like to name discoveries after themselves but atleast some of them make sense.

But I like the use in fireball wars thats a great idea. but horrible as an anti air I must say. 7 frames of start up make it as bad as using ultras as anti airs with some exceptions.