New movie that I made: watch it because it's awesome

I don’t know if this is considered illegal on these forums. I think you’re not allowed to post videos, but if I made this video so I guess I’ll go with what I can get. If anyone remembers, I made a movie last year that was kind of ridiculous that was considered funny. I submitted it to last year’s school film festival (I’m a University of New Orleans film student) and it did well. I made another movie this year and it actually got the silver award. This one is similar in tone, but has a bit more production value. I made this movie in particular to be a viral video. I guess that might sound lame, but the idea is solid and I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to sell it or send it to festivals. So if you can, watch it, send it to your friends, make them watch, something like that.

Feedback is cool too. But I’m honestly really happy with the way this movie turned out anyways.


Lol at batman music at 2:15

Pretty funny so far.

EDIT: LMAO at the deep blue sea SLJ reference. Ending was too good, although predictable.

I laughed.

It’s actually all batman music. I didn’t have the luxury of getting a full soundtrack and to be honest it all fits kind of nicely. I honestly didn’t recognize a lot of the music myself except maybe the ending music.

The ending is what it is I guess. I pretty much just wanted to make the act of touching pacman a lot more epic than it really is. Which is probably the running theme of the entire movie actually.


That was good, man. I love short sketch comedy like that.

This might still be spamming, but I guess I’m still in the mode of trying to advertise the movie. I already sent an email to kotaku, joystiq, and digg to try to get them to link the movie but can anyone else think of websites that would be interested in linking the video to get more exposure?

This was actually really funny. Im not normally a fan of stuff like this, but it was done pretty well. Good job!

i like the other pac-man: the movie better. but this one wasn’t bad.

hahaha, I hate a lot of the other ones. I didn’t realize there were so many until I posted mine.

I hate double posting, but I really think this is extremely badass.

Front page of IMDB?! Fucking crazy man.

Stan are you playing the part of the angry ghost?

…yeah. One of the biggest criticisms I’ve been getting actually.

This is now featured on youtubes front page.

Yeah, I found out earlier. Pretty crazy how much it has spread.