New Muay Thai Show on G4TV!


Thought I’d be honest with everyone.

I work for a show called Champions of Champions Elite on G4TV. It features Muay Thai fighting. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with it.


We’re going to be showing last years’ Kings Cup on the 22nd too:

If you have heard of it, do you like it? Would you like to see more shows like it? Do you enjoy Muay Thai? Any feedback from you guys would be much appreciated. I’m a real person and, unless I get banned, I will be coming back during work hours to read/answer replies. Thanks!!

To the mods - If you interpret this as spam, by all means delete it/ban me. I apologize if I’m causing trouble.


never heard of it…you should post in the mma thread.

and why are all the muay thai chicks soooo cute.


muay thai is fun.

especially when elite COCs are involved.



Have you checked out their “community?”

This NEEDS to go viral:



Muay Thai isnt MMA so this thread is legit IMO.

Should be cool, my brother and a few of my buddies take muay thai.



I lol’d considerably hard. Showing this to everyone.


You know, if you’re really being honest about not spamming and creating an actual discussion, maybe you should get your spambots the fuck out of here.


bawahhh :confused: that was seriously gay.

I’d be interested in seeing this show if the fights are good


do you check out the mma thread? lol…we talk about all martial arts not just mma.


do you check out the mma thread? lol…we talk about all martial arts not just mma.


I just watched that show. Looks like the real deal to me. TV might be getting its balls back? Fingers crossed



I self taught some Muay Thai fundamentals and it’s pretty awesome how some of the basic stuff can give you a real edge when fighting your average untrained brawler. The stance alone is incredibly effective. It’s a wall.


First of all, I apologize for being freakin’ dumb. I neglected to subscribe to this thread and I thought that no one had replied! Sorry about that. I’m going to try to fix that…

Second: I just wanted to remind everyone that the next episode of Champions of Champions Elite is on TOMORROW (Friday, Nov. 19) on G4TV! Here’s a promo of what you’re in for:

COC elite promo Nov 19th - Dedicated To The World Of Muay Thai.

We’re also hosting another LIVE event tomorrow with Muay Thai demonstrations (Baxter Humby is going to be there!), free drinks, contests, giveaways, and more! More information about that can be found on our blog (updates Tuesdays/Thursdays): | MUAY THAI AT ITS BEST!

Thanks again and don’t forget to check your local airtimes & set your DVRs!


Does their banner constantly say “no homo”?

It does not.



Hey, Everyone!

The season finale of our Muay Thai show, Champions of Champions Elite is on December 17th on G4TV!

For the last one we’re going to be showing the Tyrone Spong VS Nathan “Carnage” Corbett fight from last year. This fight was a pretty big deal! Mired in controversy from the start, Spong would only fight Corbett if he didn’t use his elbows. A confusing referee call (made by Paulo Tocha of Bloodsport and Predator 2 fame) and two KO’s later the entire audience was in an uproar on what the heck happened. Was the ref unclear? Did Nathan deserve to get disqualified after knocking Spong out twice (like Jaxx in Mortal Kombat)? We’ll be showing the whole thing, including the craziness that ensued afterward (people from the audience rushing into the ring, the commentators getting into a fight, etc).

Here’s a quick promo:

Champions of Champions Elite Season Finale Promo - Dedicated To The World Of Muay Thai.

We also have a recent video interview (from last week!) with referee Paulo Tocha on the whole matter. If I get the chance, I’ll try to put it up for you.

I’d like to thank all of you for letting me hang out on your forums. It’s been great getting to know all of you. I really loved hearing all your feedback as well! You’re all awesome.

I know there were a lot of problems on December 5th, but we are still airing the 2010 Kings Cup tournament on PPV and Video On Demand for the rest of the month if you’re interested. Just check your listings if you still want to check it out.

Also, if you liked our show at all, and want to see more Muay Thai on TV, just go to our website. We have lots of clips in the Community section. Plus the Official blog is updated twice a week.

Anyone planning to tune in?



haven’t heard of it, but I’ll have to check it out,eh?!


When is it scheduled? Between Cops and Cops?


Cops and Cheaters *


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so have the fights been any good?


Hey, Everyone!

This is going to be my last post!–unless COC-Elite gets a second season, in which case I’ll turn up again sometime in mid-to-late 2011!

For those of you who missed all the action of the 2010 Kings Cup Super 8 Tournament, there’s going to be another chance for you to watch this amazing event! Champions of Champions Elite is putting the 2010 Kings Cup back on the air!–including ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE NOT IN THE ORIGINAL AIRING!!

Where: Video On Demand (VOD)
When: February 2011 (starting on the 1st and lasting the whole month!)
How Much: $9.95

More information can be found on our blog at | MUAY THAI AT ITS BEST!

Thank you all and have a great New Year!