New mugen order && KOTC Host Super Street Figther 4 NJ Tournament 2010 breakdown


nMo super Street Fighter 4 New Jersey Champs Tournament

790 U.S. 1
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-3344
(201) 981-3537

Friday Eve June 25

Tournament Fee: $10

Venue fee: $10

Tournament Rules and Scheduling
?Super Street Fighter IV
?2/3 Rounds
?2/3 Matches, 3/5 Grand Finals
?Winner Character Lock (cannot switch characters)
?Double Elimination
?Rounds consist of 99 second time limit in all sets
?All stages and characters are legal
?All matches played at default health and handicap
?1st ? 70%
?2nd ? 20%
?3rd ? 10%

If 50 player show up 10 bucks per person 500 bucks

the prize break down is

350 1st 70%

100 2nd 20%

50 3rd 10%

understand this can be more if we have a larger turn out.

any questions contact me on



Bring you own stick and or controllers

Please RSVP

and new mugen orders web site

college students from kean, rutger and local schools come down ad throw down. this is one of 3 events.

you can rsvp on:

it’s easier to keep track of people if you rsvp on one site so use the face book as the primaray.

Since the Game stop event went well we are going bigger so please come down and support nmo and KOTC for super street fighter 4 throw down.

We would like justin wong to come down and play. Dizzy i want you and ryder to come down and rep with that crazy performance you both displayed in the game stop Finals.

alny questions or concerns you can
AIM me: alexlexus18

This is to update all the info

the more people that come the bigger the pot. i will delete the other thread.


I want to send a message to MH from RGP what up son i saw you beat the bad seed. congrats but you are going to get beat my jigga


That Bad Seed and MH was a Set Up. I can play better than that BRING IT

Lex look, I saw that ustream beatdown, I know that was a stunt by RGP letting seed try to catch up…lol frankly I saw a better set up in DYNASY shout out to Linda Evans but yeah I know you got to to kick that Akuma and smck him up for a change, but you better win. I heard that MUGEN is watching NMO.


REminder NJchampionships june 25th.




What time are sign ups and tournament starts?