New Mvc2 Combo video coming soon


A couple of my friends put together a MvC2 combo video, here is the trailer:


Looks cool, and you avoided the cheesy speed metal music too :smile:

Is it programmable-pad assisted?


And instead went with overused stock music:rofl:

Good shit though.


Some of it is programmable pad a la magnetro and some done by hand.



looking forward to the final :]


I’ll probably get flamed for this since it’s fucking marvel but w/e

There’s a combo video thread, and a marvel section, pick which one you want to use and STOP MAKING THREADS


I will not flame you, thank you for the suggestions ‘yourmother’.

This post was more about the combo video, there is other content on the blog.


Nice Trailer looking forward to the release = )


Cool vid the highlight on mag as neo was a nice touch.



vid is up


Dope good ish


Then shouldn’t Magnetro get a little credit? At least a special thanks?

I liked the wolverine/mag tag stuff. That servbot infinite on jugg was pretty tight.

I think there should be a disclaimer in the video that some of it is programed.


which combos were programmed anyways?


Well, since Magnetro did not contribute to the production of the video, there was not a reason to do that. It is true that he has done extensive work using program pads over the years. However, Wolverine Master purchased and taught himself how to use the programmable controller and so that’s why the credit goes to him. I think the original post in this thread that mentioned Magnetro was somewhat ambiguous, and maybe that’s why you thought Magnetro should get credit.

I am happy that you liked the video. A lot of time, thought, and research was put into this project. I appreciate that you mentioned specific combos that you liked the most. With combo videos there is often a tendency for people to just say “OMG soo crazy etc etc”, but you gave us some great feedback.

As for the program pad disclaimer, the consensus while working on the project was that it is the combos themselves that matter the most. Talking about program pads and things of that nature are what threads on srk are for. We are both willing to be up front about that topic when the questions are raised, but we felt that flagging that in the video would take away from the presentation. Perhaps you feel differently about that, but we spent a lot of time on this and wanted it to come out a specific way.

Thanks for watching. Your support means a lot to both of us :tup:


The programmed combos are:

  1. Thanos/Storm/Captain America
  2. Roll/Felicia/Spiral
  3. Spiderman/Strider/Gambit
  4. BB Hood/Iron Man/Anakaris
  5. Magneto
  6. Cyclops/Charlie/Psylocke
  7. Iron Man
  8. Captain America/Akuma/Dan
  9. Spiderman/Gambit/Iron Man
  10. Omega Red/Doctor Doom/Juggernaut

The other 6 combos were first executed manually and for the purposes of time were then input into the programmable controller. We had a limited time frame to capture all the combos and so to avoid the possibility of missing out on a couple, Wolverine Master programmed all of the combos that are in the video. As far as the Dhalsim/Hulk/Magneto combo, only the end part with Magneto was actually programmed.


good stuff brett. =D
and master wolverine


wheres the full vid?

p.s. Cheesy metal kills cheesy techno


Here you go:



thanks guys for your love and comments on the vid.
i’m really happy that you like it.
thank you pedro for making this thread.


I liked it a lot but i have to agree with BB Hood that this is a cop-out:

You guys never mention the programmable controller in the video, in the announcements, on the blog post, or in the u2b description. In fact it had to be brought up by someone else.

From my experience, less than 5% of the people who watch my videos on u2b ever find their way to my website. So if i didn’t include a tool-assistance disclaimer within the video itself, then the vast majority of the people watching my videos would never know. That’s unfair to the people who do everything manually.

It’s your video so it’s ultimately your call, but i disagree with your stance. And since my name is the video, i have to bring this up cuz otherwise it looks like i’m okay with it.

If you guys plan on making more tool-assisted videos (and i hope you do), please include a disclaimer in the future.