Sweet greasy jeesus…


edit: I don’t really know what the Fight Club is about yet, I am just amped for the speculation of a super, ahem… event.


What is this? Sounds awesome but I’ve never heard of it before



Last one was so much fun, this is going to be great!


They had a Street Fighter Fight Club in NYC last year that showed off HD Remix, Street Fighter IV ( Feat. Akuma and Sakura ) and gave away some nice goodies. They also had 2 more in LA.

So it went LA/NYC/LA.


I’m sooooo in there ! :mad: Let’s go NYC, let’s show Capcom some love for this :lovin:.


This could be hotness.


yes it was man cant wait for this one its gonna be “super” :lovin:




Holy shit. . .^^

It could be SUPER!!!

That would be sick! How do I make sure Im signed up for this one like the last one?


You lucky New Yorkians… Y’all better take pictures and take note of everything!


Definitely going to this, if I get to sign up anyway.


Is there an age limit? I forget if the last one had one but I didn’t go to that one anyway. I’m hoping to go to this one though for sure. :cool:


Sooooo…about Chicago…


Sounds amazing. Im so there!


I flew from Orlando to NYC for the last one and it was totally worth it. Looks like I will be making that trip again. If you live anywhere near the NYC area try to make it.




^^ If you were the only dood that came from FL, I was in line next to you last time!


A Thursday night??

Guess I’m taking Friday off. :party:


Man I’m a tad hype and I’m in New Zealand! Can’t wait for peoples impressions on the game. Maybe this might be how they are handling loke tests for now. Also the Japanese tournament coming up would be a good way for their top players to test drive the new game.