New need some guidance


hello i am going 2 mod my sfa stick and i was wondering if any one has ever used a Sanwa stick for the joystick without any mods.


Are you talking about the 15th Anniversary stick? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have to do some routing… The top panel is WAY too think for you to try to mount the joystick from underneath.

The 15th Anniversary stick is designed for american style parts… HAPP parts are basically drop in replacement.

Sanwa, on the other hand… You’d need to do some routing to make room for the joystick. And if you want to use Sanwa buttons too, you’d need to widen the button holes too because 1.125 inches is a bit smaller than 30 mm.


thanks for the reply but i need a for sure answer before i order my parts. i have seen one person on the site with a jap sitck


its been done but iirc, the case needs modification


Just get Happs/ILs, trust me. Nice Happ sticks are rare, and the SFA is god tier in design.

Just make your own custom, or buy one, or buy a SE when they get restocked if you want Sanwa.