New Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (I didn't want to bump a 2 year old thread) thread

A friend of mine just gave me this game, but without the actual box… just a disk and sleeve, but does anyone remember or know alot about this game? The PS2 version.
The game isn’t scratched at all but is it normal for it to have really bad slowdown in some stages?

I know a little about the characters, that all the tops are like big marco and hotaru but anything else interesting that somebody knows about?

Also there’s like a Rage of the Dragons tag super thing, but I’m confused about it completely, your partners life meter also goes completely red when using it, not sure what it means.

If it’s the US PS2 version, then yes, significant slowdown (on especially on the “arranged” stages with 3-D graphics) is normal. Which is why the Japanese version was always used for tournament play.

The Double Assault is one of the most overlooked but vitally important aspects of the gameplay.
It does only very light damage to normal life, but severe damage to red life which is recoverable.
This is important because characters recover life VERY quickly in this game after a period of time when tagged out.
HYPER CHARGE appears on the tagged out character’s lifebar once you connect with a D-Assault. What that means is that when that character is tagged back in, they are in a power-up state where their attacks do around +20% damage or so (which is BIG in this game). I remember hearing some people say that it also adds a little bit of frame advantage to your attacks and also makes the super meter charge slightly faster–can’t confirm it myself but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually true.

How long HYPER CHARGE lasts is variable. When the character is tagged in, generally going on the offensive and landing damage will make it last longer whereas being defensive and taking damage will end HYPER CHARGE mode much quicker.

Fuck man.

I clicked on this thread thinking there was a NEW NGBC.

Dreams crushed.

same reason i clicked on it lol

Oh darn, not sure what to do with the US version now (only a few people i know would play it anyway lol) but thanks for clearing up the D-Assault thing.

Also yeah a new one…this game was already hard to find here. What happened to it?

It died out pretty quick for the most part though a few select people did keep pushing the game. It’s a fun game though for the most part. Thing that made me mad was what they did to Rock in the game :sad:. Hotaru got everything from MOTW and more.

me too :shake:

This might be a stupid question, but have all the Special Double Assaults ever been found?
There’s only a handful of character combinations to be found on youtube, or is that really it? Ai, Yuki, Hanzo, Fuma, Rock, Terry, Mr. Karate, R. Garcia, Haohmaru and Genjuro only? Surely all the characters must have one?

Damn you misleading thread title

If you check the command list of each character it’ll tell who they can do a SDA with. I no longer have my copy(which sucks ass) but I don’t think everyone has one. Even the file on Gamefaqs doesn’t list if there is anymore aside from what was already listed in the game.

And the people you missed are:

if kof12 kept its looks but had this fighting engine=best game

Oh wow I thought these might have existed but I wasn’t sure, I’ll do it tonight or tomorrow to find out to make sure if anyone cares about the game still.

As far as i know, Kim and Mr. Big destroyed all the hype of NGBC.

Anyway, is a very, very fun game.

I got baited like a lot of other people. :frowning:

Maybe when Atomishwave gets emulated and has online people will play it again. I will most likely do it.

Atomiswave was already emulated by Demul, the problem is: There is no dumps of the NGBC ROMs and seems that Guru (the most famous ROM dumper) doesnt want to dump the most famous AW games yet (the only fighting game of AW that i know it works is HnK).

Yea I know it’s already emulated and about the rom not being dumped. I’m just saying mainly once online gets added then people will probably play it more.