New Neo Geo Handheld


I will be buying this.


A thread already exists in tech talk.

Anyway, i’d totally buy this if the price was cheaper. Still have yet to see controller compatibility though and how the SD card slot will work.


Last Resort STILL is one of the hardest 2-D shooters ever IMO. I’ll have to wait on this Neo Geo Revival thing though…



Hope this has multi-player.


I got excited till I read ‘20 games’. I’m not trying to push ‘emulation’ talk, but I’d rather pay $300 and get access to ALL of their games…they’ll EASILY fit on there.

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Thats what the SD card slot is hopefully for.


Screw this crap cuz you know the games we want won’t be on this system: no kof 2k2um, 98um, NGBC…and the older games we want that WILL be on there won’t show up for YEARS, according to how things are on psn. And based on how they’re handling their selection on psn, I say fuck them. We want their most recent fighters, they’re digging up old-ass crap like Ikari 3. This is somewhat insulting treatment. SNK, you didn’t need to release something like this (that you KNOW you will take a beating on per unit)…you could have made mad money with little cost just putting all your GOOD games on psn and xbox, and spending a little extra cash and doing a Vita port of KOF XIII…now you’re going to be heading toward another bankruptcy, you fools. I loved you once…no more.


There just like nintendo. Take whatever game you want and add 2/3 years to the release date. That’s if it EVER comes out.


If it leads to some form of jailbrake that will let me put the rest of the ROMs on an SD card and play them - great…but I’m expecting them to drop maybe ONE game card - if that - and it will only be another 20 games. I still don’t see the point with that. IF they want my money they have to be able to compete with Emulation. I’ve got no issue with giving them my money - none - they deserve it, I’d sneeze at the $200 asking price, but the product they are putting out sounds like a fancy version of them shizz you see at walmart where you just plug the RCA cables into the back of your TV, then put batteries into it, and then play watered down versions of classics…like 12 of them.

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For $200 i think it’ll be a lot higher end than those things.

And we’ll just have to see how the card slot will work, but the possibility of being able to freely add in the roms you want would be a big selling point for me. Some of the company’s Sega Genesis clones had that feature so its not out of the question.


Once they start releasing your Samurai Shodowns, KoFs and later Fatal Fury games, I will definitely try to get this game.


lol doesn’t the PSP have the King of Fighters Anthology, Metal Slug Anthology, AND the Samurai Shodown Anthology?

SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 is also up there…



Right. You can get a new PSP starting at $50. Not seeing the point of $200 for an emulator. Would have been different if it was actual Neo Geo hardware playing pre-loaded roms.


Easily buying this shit. I still have my original Neo Geo handheld too. Can’t wait man.
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I guess thats my thing, the entire NEo Geo library is like 5-6 gigs in ROM format. The early games are less than 64 megs. I have a real hard time seeing why they couldn’t get to a BIG number like 100. 20 games is an insult at $200…especially considering most of the games - licensing shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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Yup i already have a quality handheld system with my CFW PSP, so i’m not interested in the handheld aspect. Mainly its the replica AES docking station which i really like. The handheld is actually stored inside of it in order to connect for external controllers and Tv out, hopefully making it a seamless AES console experience.

Also there is the sheer retro appeal which has kinda won me over. I remember back in the day wishing i could afford the AES system for games like SSII, and the idea of finally getting my hands on official hardware is kinda cool.

Those cheap Sega Genesis clones a while back had nice emulation(mainly audio issues), so hopefully for the price this will be a lot better. Just gotta see how the SD card slot works.

Edit: also the handheld is supposed to have 2GBs of internal storage. Don’t know how much of that is taken up by the included games though, and how much freedom users will have with it.


I might actually be picking one of these up. I have one of those Mega Drive clones and I can’t standing the audio issues they have (sounds like your game is melting). Everything else about them is pretty sweet though.


Yeah that’s a big problem for me since I’m a huge Genesis fan. If somebody REMADE Genesis Model 1 somehow, with the audio quality intact, I’d pick it up yesterday. Especially a handheld version. And price wouldn’t really be an option.

I’m sure other Neo Geo fanatics would jump all over a re-release of the real hardware, but I’m not too familiar with the system and what most NG emulators have trouble reproducing accurately.


Why a Genesis 1 exactly? I’ve had all 3 and of them i think my favorite was the Genesis 3. It was so small and compact. Took up no room. Was wonderful.

Oh wait you said audio quality. You want to use the Audio Jack on the Gen 1 model? I always thought that was so cool and wished other systems did that. I played games into the looooooong hours of the night and with that audio jack my parents where none the wiser. Was awesome.