New NeoGeo Battle Coliseum Vids

Links to some new NGBC vids here:

Game intro, cut scenes, couple boss matches, couple regular matches.

I just know this is going to be my new favorite 2D fighter.

Time_Stop posted this already.

The first video in that thread maybe which I havent seen here, but the 5 other new vids as well?

I think he means the link further down on the thread. No idea whay he didnt simply link directly (it would avoid this confusion):

I missed it if you posted the first video, so I just posted the thread for people to check that out plus the new vids found further down on that thread.

I guess I should have just put up 2 links, but I thought I was pretty clear with “Links to some new NGBC vids”.

I’m dumb, sorry. :confused:

WWho’s the character in video 4 and 5?


#4: Mr. Karate (Ryo) vs Muzuchi (Orochi).

#5: Cyber Woo vs King Lion.

Video 4 is King Lions intro.

And Agmaster, King Lion (Shin Shishioh) comes from the Kizuna Encounter/Fuun-ken series.

those vids were cool lol its funny once orochi found his spot he neva moved true godly power.
his intro is cool also.
snk need to release this shit quick.

i feel the same, just watching the intro(which is very fucking cool), i hope we can get it in the states

I really like the intro despite the lack of motion (can’t hear the music at work right now, but I hope its good enough to compliment the intro).

The art and style really stood out to me. Is this the same artist as SVC’s official and ingame art?

Didnt expect to see Fatal Fury vs Art of Fighting (Classic) or Samurai Showdown vs Last Blade (about time). Too Cool.

Liked Fuuma’s Naruto-ish scene as well, even tho I hate him.

yeah, that intro art is really good, i don’t care the lack of movement, the art is really good, although i didn’t liked the win quote art

The winner portraits will be hits or misses. But yeah the art is fantastic. Top quality.

This isnt even released in Japanese arcades yet. So don’t expect a US release for at least a year.

I’m contemplating getting a sit down cab and an AW set up to be able to play this (and KOF 11) sooner than normal, if my financial status will let me in the near future.

If not, I already have a modded PS2 so I can get it right on Japanese PS2 release. Just have to wait for a bit, no matter what though.

This game is driving me crazy!!! I want to play this so bad my dick hard. SNK need to hurry the hell up!

I have a good feeling about this game for once

Game is being released in Japan next month. NeoWave didnt take long to arrive in the US, but release was very small. Now that those games are being released by Sega, they should be everywhere, i assume.

If youve seen the videos on the official site, youve heard the intro and most stage songs already. I personally think theyre the best since SNK went kaput in 2000. Lions song is generic action stuff, sure, but the Mizuchi song is fantastic. Think Dies Irae (the Mozart song they used for Krauser) with a touch of the usual KOF96-97 boss battles.

this game looks tight!! the only thing i dont like the the 3D backgrounds.

does anyone know the artist name who did the character portraits?

Als the artist who did the art in those two cut-scenes specifically the King Lion and Orochi portraits.

Ogura is responsible for the full body shots at the official site and the “bust” shots at the site and the chara select screen. He did some cutscenes for KOF and some illustrations for KOF2000 and Garou.

No idea. Most likely a new guy, even if theres a “Nona” feel to some of those… This guy, whoever he is, also did the winning portraits.

The intro is done by a third guy, also new (SNK has a billion different artists now - even SS has an all-new artist, while all the old ones are still working with them… even Shinkiro came back quickly for some work in KOF94ReBout).

KOFXI also has three different artists (intro, chara select and illustrations), it seems.