New noob Joins the fray



Hello all
Having scrubbed around with Vega for a year and not feling I got anywhere I’m gonna try and pick up Dee Jay instead.
Have already run in to some problems but I should solve them given time, but dash U2 will most likly forever be a dream for me ^^

Have read most threads here on page one atleast. And have picked up somethings atleast. But I kinda wonderd if Dee Jay have any simpel General setups. Kinda like Vegas Gheto safejumps and the easy corpsejump setups. They dont work on everyone but they are mostly useful.

Have only picked up on DeeJays wiff cLP, crossover jMK after cMK so far. Are there other easy ones like this that works on the majority of the cast?

And I do suck at this game oh so bad, so only easy tips will get through. Dont belive me? My day one Dee Jay

Haha sorry to be a bother, usually dont post on thesse forums seeming as how bad I am, but none the less Hi folks :slight_smile:


Ok things I noticed while watching your video (also you should know the Blanka is one of our hardest match ups):
Never throw mid screen fireballs against Blanka, only throw a fireball when you are full screen away.
After a forward throw, an easy safe jump can be made using to (we have a list on safe jumps and other tech in the Jamaican Set Ups thread)
Punishes are important with Dee Jay, so you have to hit them every time to get good damage. Easy punishes are > MGU, or raw ultra lol.
C.lp, c.lp, gets you are hard knock down, but does not get good damage or much meter. Really work on the c.lp to link, it will help you SO much!
Probably shouldn’t use U2 if you can’t dash ultra. Use U1, so you can do sobat into super into ultra for massive chip, and if you really want you can still use it to juggle off of ex.mgu

Also, brain dead safe jump: Well timed knee shots. Really. Just knock them down, then whiff your knee shot as they wake up. It will take some practice to get the timing spot on so you do it during their last few frames, but you’ll get it. Also be sure to input as you land, in case they try to grab you from it. :slight_smile:


Thanks Hitcher.
Haha I think I had the right idea on day one. Then I started to look at guides and youtube tutorials. And once I understood the normals I adapted a playstyle that was like Vega with fireballs. Ofcourse that was a bad idea, took me some time to notice it to.

Have been working on more damaging combos, not there yet but with time anything is possible… I hope.

My bigest hurdle at the moment is Makoto (friend mains her) after 150 games I think I have won once or twice :frowning:
But really thanks for the tips and actually taking time to watch that horrible vid, must have been torture for you, I’m so sorry you had to see that :wink:

Edit: Yeah i saw the Setup thread but it was to much for me to like process at once. I was hoping to find something like This. A bit more newb/noob/scrubb friendly ^^


Don’t this this was worth a new post but welcome to the struggle. turn back.


The toward blanka balls can be punished on block with sobat kicks. I don’t think that’s changing in Ultra either. I know they changed Blanka’s recovery on hit, but on block I think he still eats sobat. Save meter and punish with EX Sobat and shoot an air slasher since you have him at fullscreen.