New NullDC emu (nullDC v1.0 Beta 1.6) NETPLAY?


Online MvC2 and CvS2

Please read the Instructions that are included in the pack for netplay and general use


hell has fuckin froze over.


Hell wont freeze til its playable.




How’s the online play in this emu?


I’m curious also. Would love me some cvs2.


try it yourselves already.


Looks like the file has been deleted by the uploader.


anyone tried it?


where is the DL?


This WORKS! the only problem is trying to find people to play against.

Marvel, CVS2 and GGX (as well as the powerstone series) is fully playable both offline and ONLINE!

get this shit! get an irc channel rolling! LEHZ GO!


It might work but among alternative ways to use this online, you’re not going to get anything other than trash before nullDC’s official plugin specs come out. And choise wise, we dont really have anything better than kaillera for it which is also trash. And from what I heard, it’s integrated netcode…hooknet or whatever its called hasn’t even reached kaillera’s level. So… go back to sleep :zzz:


don’t bother with it. Doesn’t work well unless there person you play is across the street.


NullDC for SEGA Naomi games is open source now:

it plays MVC2, CVS2, GGXX, SFA3 Upper etc. very well… if only someone would add some sort of netplay to it :<


finally! we must show this to ponder!
the problems with 3s on ggpo is related to FBA having a user term on using their source code that whatever code is added must be posted and made public, that would force ponder to have to give up the ggpo code and losing a competitive edge over a lot of other netcodes.

just out of curiosity, is CVS2 arcade perf? if so, hot damn! i’m going to disney land and i’ll be PAINTING THE FENCE ALL DAY LONG!

edit: i’m talking about the dreamcast port and was too stupid to see that naomi is emulated aswell.


I suggest you read this: • View topic - FB Alpha source


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